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29 Things That'll Look Soooooo Good In Your Kitchen

"Ohhhh this is so cool." —me the whole time writing this post

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A splurge-worthy salt and pepper shaker set you might think would belong in a modern art museum rather than on your kitchen counter.

2. A floral pot holder to help your cooking really ~bloom~. And if it doesn't, at least your pot holder will still look good.

3. A clownfish cheese board that'll go over swimmingly at your next get together because everyone will be oohing and awing about how cute it is.

4. A sleek modern silicone spoon rest every minimalist will want to add to their cart *immediately*.

5. A stoneware bowl with two bamboo salad hands that'll make you want to eat more salads for dinner just so this doesn't have to stay tucked away in your cabinet.

6. A set of unbreakable plates made of wheat straw (so they're degradable and eco-friendly).

7. A set of beechwood measuring spoons you'll find are a ~hoot~ every time you take them out to cook with.

8. A set of pasta bowls because we all know that it really is all about the pasta.

9. A stainless steel knife set you'll love because they're out of this world compared to your current boring knives. No matter what your style is, you have to admit these knives are sharp.

10. A cake stand to take your baking masterpiece up a notch.

11. A snack bowl to fit all your koala-ty snacks in and make that time even more enjoyable. Your daily 3 p.m. snack doesn't even know what's coming.

12. A two-in-one strainer and bowl set that's incredibly functional – all you have to do is tip the bowl to get the water out.

13. A silverware set to make you feel like you're tasting the rainbow when you eat...without, you know, actually eating the rainbow.

14. A marbled cutting board that's about as beautiful as it is practical.

15. A slotted spoon you'll be in disbe-leaf over. You'll be ~falling~ for this spoon for years to come.

16. Some bamboo utensils that'll be a bright spot in your kitchen. After all, you're allowed to have items that are just nice to look at.

17. A glitzy cocktail shaker you'll feel super fancy-schmancy using.

18. A cereal bowl set that'll have you cereal-isly reconsidering ever buying plain dishware again.

19. An insulated travel mug that the barista will probably compliment you on when you bring it to your favorite coffee shop to fill.

20. A glass storage container to make bringing your lunch to work a little more exciting. Say goodbye to your sad desk lunch!

21. A wine decanter you'll feel like you're dining at a five star restaurant every time you use. Also, it will make that cheap bottle you bought seem not as cheap.

22. A set of plastic tumblers to make it ~suc~ less when your party guests accidentally spill a drink because at least with these cuties you won't get glass all over the ground.

23. A non-stick 11-inch fry pan – I can't lie-lac about it, I've been dreaming of adding this my kitchen for a while now.

24. Some chopstick holders you've got to be kitten me about. I mean, come on! Everyone should have these in their kitchen, even if only so they can smile at them every time they see them.

25. A flower trivet mat meant to protect your tabletop from hot dishes while also acting as super cute wall decor when you're not using it.

26. A chip and dip plate with a separate area specifically for the dip so you can get the right chip to dip ratio every time. Trust me, this is important.

27. A serving utensil set to impress all your dinner guests with. They might even think you got these from some high-end store.

28. Some drinking cups that look so nice and fancy, nobody will realize they're plastic!

29. A stainless steel kettle so sleek and minimalistic, it may inspire you to redo your whole kitchen.

The only appropriate reaction when you see these items in person for the first time: