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This Watermelon Sorbet Is Only 2 Ingredients, And It's Ridiculously Delicious

As someone who hates cooking but loves the result, this recipe couldn't be more perfect.

I dislike cooking. Like, y'all, I really don't like it. Maybe it's because I can't sit still and it takes a lot of patience, maybe it's because I grew up being a picky eater, or maybe I just haven't really found my zest for it yet.

A sign that reads "Kitchen closed on account of illness. I'm sick of cooking!"

In any case, you catch my drift. I spend way too much money on DoorDash, and I'm pretty cool with frozen meals. Still, I'm on a budget and need nutrition, so I will occasionally come across a very simple recipe that catches my cooking-averse eye (Gigi Hadid's pasta recipe is still a fan favorite in my house).

Gigi Hadid's Instagram story of her spicy vodka sauce recipe

And, while I'm not a foodie, I do have a major sweet tooth that I'm trying to tame. So when this two-ingredient watermelon sorbet came across millions of For You pages, including my own, I knew it was time to dust off my apron and try it out.

Twitter: @Xmiramira

From the looks of it, it really couldn't be any easier. You only need watermelon, limes, some sort of blender or food processor, and utensils. TikTok creator @claredodo wrote: "Just blend together frozen watermelon chunks with as much lime juice as necessary until it creates a thick sorbet."

Frozen watermelon chunks in a food processor and hands squeezing a lime into the bowl

No measurements, no long-winded explanation. A near-perfect recipe, from my perspective. Simply no notes. Also, being that I've had a bit of an obsession with watermelon since I was child (watermelondancerxoxo comin' at ya), it felt like fate. I had no reason not to try this. I needed to know if it was too good to be true. It looks SO good!

2-ingredient watermelon sorbet in a bowl

So I headed to my nearest grocery store before watermelons went out of season (I live in the Northeast) and got all that I needed. Here I am after my visit with my two ingredients. Lovely!

Me smiling with my thumb up standing in my kitchen next to a cutting board that has a watermelon and lime sitting on it

First, I sliced up my mini melon. I followed along with this video, but it honestly made it more difficult...which made me feel like I already had no idea what I was doing. I think my knife was just a bit dull, though. That's what you get for using Kohl's Cash knives I guess.

Me cutting my watermelon into slices

Anyways, it kinda turned worse than Kendall Jenner attempting to cut a cucumber so I vetoed this mission and just started slicing the watermelon into slabs of meat. Whatever works!

Cutting watermelon into chunks

I got there eventually. And had lots of rinds to compost!

I really thought I'd be ready to blend right then and there, but I forgot the most important part of sorbet: the fact that it's *frozen*. So I popped the watermelon chunks into the freezer and went on with my day.

My bowl of watermelon chunks getting placed into the freezer

Which is why the lighting transitions from au natural to harsh hospital lighting (white light is my enemy). But I'm ready to blend. This is kinda fun!?!

Again, no measurements were given so I did my best to model the original video by using this former Thai food takeout box. Seemed close enough.

The frozen watermelon chunks in a tin from the original video and my frozen chunks ina container I found that looks a similar size

I didn't have a food processor so I used a blender...more on that later. I followed the video and juiced one lime into the blender.

Pouring the watermelon chunks into the blender and squeezing lime into it

Blend time!

Blender pulses watermelon and lime

K, so, this is where I understood why a food processor would be better than a blender. I'm not sure if it's just 'cause the frozen chunks were melting, but I'm under the impression the blender made the consistency kind of soupy. I did my best to smooth it out below, but yeah, this was the blender result:

The result from blending the watermelon chunks and lime juice

Anyways, it's time to dig in! And excuse the less than beautiful photo, I needed to eat ASAP 'cause it was melting FAST.

A bowl of watermelon sorbet with lime

First bite!

Me taking a bite of the sorbet

And the results...

A series of me reacting to the sorbet

And some learnings if you decide to make this:

Me smiling and holding up the bowl of watermelon sorbet

That's all I got! TL;DR: Great substitution for sweets, ridiculously easy to make, and surprisingly delicious.