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19 Easy Breakfasts For Your Next Camping Trip

Rise and shine.

1. Blueberry Breakfast Bake

Essentially bread pudding cooked inside a foil packet, these could be a great way to repurpose leftover hotdog buns from your campfire the night before. Recipe here.

2. Campfire Breakfast Burgers

This one is a little more involved, and requires two cast iron skillets, but it's pretty impressive. Recipe here.

3. Campfire Blueberry Orange Muffins

Instructions here.

4. Campfire Eggs In A Bag

Lining the bottom of a paper bag with bacon creates a deliciously edible skillet. As the bag heats, the bacon cooks, and the bacon grease cooks the egg. GENIUS, right? Full instructions here.

5. Campfire Breakfast Toad In The Hole

A savory sausage casserole that everyone will love. Bonus points if you use leftover hot dogs from dinner. Recipe here.

6. Lumberjack Breakfast

A super hearty foil pack of eggs, veggies, frozen hash browns, and cheese. Perfect if you're fueling up for a hike. Recipe and instructions here.

7. Guinness Pancakes

Stout + boxed pancake mix makes for really excellent pancakes, if you have a skillet. Recipe here.

8. Cinnamon Biscuit On A Stick

9. Camp Food Cinnamon Buns

A campfire classic. Recipe here.

10. Sausage Breakfast Skillet

Add everything to a skillet, cover, and cook. Recipe here.

11. Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich

This is reason enough to invest in a pie iron, amirite? Recipe here.

12. Campfire Bacon

Hey, it's paleo. Recipe here.

13. Omelets in a Bag

Dope. Recipe and instructions here.

14. Campfire Eggs in an Orange

Instructions here.

15. DIY Instant Oatmeal

Make instant oatmeal "packets" by combining oats, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and sugar in advance, then just boil it with water over a campfire. Fresh fruit optional. Recipe here.

16. Campfire Breakfast Burritos

17. Chipotle Potato and Egg Scramble

Thomas J. Story /

Spice things up. Recipe here.

18. Pie Iron Apple Raisin Danish

Mark Schultz /

Healthier than a pastry, more delicious than a sandwich. Recipe and instructions here.

19. Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs and Biscuits

Make an egg scramble, put it in the dutch oven, then cover everything and cook the biscuits ON TOP!!! Recipe here.

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