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People Are Sharing The Unpopular Cooking Opinions They Stand By, And I Had No Idea Dry Meat Was So Loved

"I like them dry as a bone...basically charred into little hockey pucks."

Personally, I have quite a bit of controversial food and cooking opinions that would probably send a few people into a rage (I think frosting is the worst part of a cake, and I'll die on this hill). So when redditor u/wildgoldchai asked the r/Cooking community to share their unpopular cooking opinions, I couldn't wait to dive in. Here are some VERY spicy takes people had.

1. "I don’t like crispy bacon. Everyone I know likes it practically burnt, but I’d much rather have it fatty and tender."

a plate with eggs and bacon

2. "I prefer overcooked spaghetti. Al dente is just a texture that I really can't get my body to like."


3. "Chewy microwaved quesadillas are awesome."

a quesadilla on a platter with guacamole and sour cream

4. "When I make salad for just myself, I chop everything up so I can eat it with a spoon. I actually really dislike getting a huge leaf of lettuce on my fork. Just give it to me bite-size."


5. "I don't like to rinse my rice. I love the stickier texture it has with the starch on rather than having individual grains."

rice cooking in a pot

6. "I love gloopy mashed potatoes. I use a hand mixer, and they turn out amazing. I also like dry turkey and use lots of gravy and cranberry sauce."


7. "I don’t like cookies, brownies, or cake warm and soft from the oven. I like them cold and chewy."

chocolate chip cookies on a metal cooling rack

8. "Baking mac 'n' cheese makes it worse. Just put the cheese sauce on the pasta and you’re golden."


"I agree. I want it to be goopy and cheesy and not dried out like baked mac 'n' cheese always is."


9. "I like soggy cereal, but just to the point that there’s no more crunch, not to the point where it starts dissolving into the milk. Same with pizza. I recently had deep fried pizza, but because of all the sauce, it was soggy as I preferred; whereas, other people complained about it."

a bowl of Froot Loops

10. "Truffle oil is trash."


"Strong agree here. I used to like truffle fries and such, but they got so overdone I just can’t anymore."


11. "I like when a clump of spaghetti sticks together. It's a weird, chewy texture."

spaghetti in tomato sauce twirled onto a fork

12. "I hate 'perfectly cooked' fish. I prefer my baked salmon to have the texture of canned tuna. I'll gag if it's perfectly cooked, but I love raw fish in sushi and smoked salmon."


13. "I like my fries soggy, like they've been steaming in the takeaway bag for a good five minutes."

a bowl of french fries

14. "I will always defend jars of pre-minced garlic."


"There is a time and a place for me not having to do extra work. Is that place aglio e olio? No. Is it some random casserole or crock pot dinner? Yes."


15. "I like my yolk cooked on my eggs — over hard eggs. No liquid or soft yolks, just no. Scrambled eggs need to be dry, not soft. It's mostly a texture thing with a strong side of the knowledge of where that egg comes from under most circumstances. It doesn't help that I don't have a strong preference for the flavor of egg."

eggs frying in a pan

16. "I like pork chops dry as a bone and sausage cut up and basically charred into little hockey pucks!"


17. "I like cheeseburgers completely plain, no condiments or toppings. I like the flavor pairing of some toppings, but would rather sacrifice them to avoid the messiness."

a fast food cheeseburger with no toppings wrapped in paper

18. "Other than more cheese, ranch is the best pizza condiment."


19. "I like my chicken overcooked. Not so dry that I have to wash it down with water, but if it's juicy, I get grossed out."

someone cutting into a chicken breast

20. "American cheese (I like Kraft) is good. It is a necessary ingredient with a time and a place."


21. "Ketchup is completely overrated, and mayo is a better condiment in almost every scenario."

side by side paper serving cups of mayo and ketchup

22. "I hate wine. I will never understand why so many people like it. I’ve had cheap boxed wine and expensive bottles — they all taste gross."


23. "I only eat leftover pizza cold. Leftover pizza should never be reheated. Its glory is lost once put in the fridge. Microwaving it kills everything good about it, and putting it in the oven takes too long. Just eat it cold."

a slice of pepperoni pizza on a paper plate

24. "Beans belong in chili. Otherwise, it's just ground meat soup."


25. "Grilled cheese sandwiches shouldn't be 'fancy.' No thick slices of bread, no bacon, nothing but store-bought sliced white bread, two slices of Kraft Deli Deluxe cheese, slathered with real butter on the outside of both slices of bread, and a sprinkle of salt. That's it. Perfect."

a simple grilled cheese made with white bread and american cheese on a plate

26. "I like my coffee room temp. No iced coffee ever, it gets too watery. Hot coffee left to cool for a half hour-ish is perfect."


How do you feel about these hot takes? Do you have any of your own when it comes to food? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.