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30 Quick Dinners With No Meat

Because dinner shouldn't just be delicious. It should also be ready immediately.

1. Quick Stovetop Mac 'n' Cheese

This mac 'n' cheese is ready in 15 minutes, meaning you still have time to make that salad you're gonna eat it with. Right? Recipe here.

2. Honey-Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Corn Tacos

Perfect for fall and for everything, actually. Recipe here.

3. Easy Vegetable Lo Mein

Low-maintenance lo mein. Recipe here.

4. Easy Double Bean Burgers With Avocado Basil Cream

So quick and easy you'll wonder what the catch is. Recipe here.

5. Black Pepper Stir-Fried Noodles

Step up your stir-fry game. Recipe here.

6. Roasted Vegetable Salad With Garlic Dressing and Toasted Pepitas

For those of you who don't habla español, pepitas are pumpkin seeds. Recipe here.

7. Miso and Soba Noodle Soup With Roasted Sriracha Tofu and Shiitake Mushrooms

Noodles can fix anything. Recipe here.

8. Guacamole Grilled Cheese

Fifteen minutes to heaven. Recipe here.

9. One-Pan Caprese Pasta

Be a hero, even if just for one night. Recipe here.

10. Polenta With Caramelized Mushrooms, Marinara, Fried Eggs, and Goat Cheese

Can we just agree that polenta is the best? Recipe here.

11. Five-Ingredient Black Bean Soup

Give me five ingredients and 20 minutes, and I will BLOW YOUR MIND. Recipe here.

12. 20-Minute Chickpea Curry

Faster than you can say, "What's my Seamless password again?" Recipe here.

13. Roasted Fennel and Israeli Couscous

Who doesn't love putting lots of delicious things into a bowl and eating them? Recipe here.

14. Super Kale, Hemp, and Flaxseed Oil Pesto

You can make this omega-3-packed pesto in five minutes. No joke. Recipe here.

15. Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes

Vegan, gluten-free, healthy, AND fast. Impressed yet? Recipe here.

16. Spiced Red Lentil, Tomato, and Kale Soup

A small bowl is lovely but a big bowl is better. Recipe here.

17. Harvest Wild Rice Skillet

Apples, squash, kale: the best of fall in one delicious, cheese-topped pan. (FYI: You'll need to use already-cooked rice to stay within the 30-minute mark.) Recipe here.

18. Light Swiss Chard Frittata

Make it tonight for dinner. Eat the leftovers tomorrow for breakfast. Recipe here.

19. One-Pot Vegetarian Quinoa Chili With Kale and Red Beans

A one-pot wonder with all the nutrition you could ever dream of. Recipe here.

20. Creamy Corn and Tomato Pasta

Six ingredients, six servings, 30 minutes. BOOM. Recipe here.

21. Grilled Eggplant Sandwich With Arugula Walnut Pesto

Because grilling season is forever, if you believe. Recipe here.

22. Vegan Poblano and Portobello Fajitas

Fajitas make life better. End of story. Recipe here.

23. Spaghetti With Herbed Ricotta and Garlic

At first you're gonna be like, OMG WHY HAVEN'T I DONE THIS BEFORE. And then you'll do it all. the. time. Recipe here.

24. Cajun Chow Mein

Not a bad way to use up all those vegetables you don't know what to do with. Recipe here.

25. Red Beans and Rice

Let's get back to the basics. Recipe here.

26. Spicy Black Bean, Green Chili, and Manchego Enchiladas

OK, 33 minutes, but I think you can handle it. Recipe here.

27. Skinny Taco Salad

Step one: Assemble ingredients. Step two: Mix. Recipe here.

28. Prasorizo (Greek Rice With Leeks)

You could serve this as a side dish or you could put some mixed greens next to it and make it the main event. Recipe here.

29. Chickpea Waldorf Salad

You'll spend two minutes assembling ingredients, three mixing them together, and the next 25 waiting for them to all ~blend~ in the fridge. Recipe here.

30. Spicy Kale and Coconut Stir-Fry

Leftover rice is the perfect building block for a delicious, nutritious, and QUICK dinner. Recipe here.