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27 Foods To Eat At Suhoor That Release Energy Throughout The Day During Ramadan

Even if breakfast comes before dawn, it's still the most important meal of your day. Drink two glasses of water at every suhoor and follow these tips.

If you celebrate Ramadan, you know that during the next hot summer month you won't be able to eat or drink anything — including water — from before dawn to sunset. To maintain energy and hydration throughout the day follow these tips for your pre-dawn meal from Muslim registered dietitian Nour El-Zibdeh.

1. Make these bran muffins in advance to eat throughout the week.

2. Spread almond butter on whole grain toast, then top with bananas and chia seeds.

3. Toss bananas, skin-on pears, and pumpkin seeds with a little lime juice and cinnamon. Add Greek yogurt if possible.

4. If you're feeding a family, make instant oatmeal packets on Sunday to use throughout the week.

5. Smash beans on whole wheat toast then top with a tomato and a fried egg.

6. Make a big batch of this breakfast grain salad to eat throughout the week with fruits and nuts.

7. Blend milk, yogurt, quick oats, banana, peanut butter, chia seeds and cocao powder for a quick protein smoothie.

8. Scramble eggs with spinach and feta then wrap in a whole grain tortilla.

9. Make breakfast quinoa by heating it with coconut milk, vanilla, and spices then add nuts and dried fruit.

10. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle a fresh cheese on your avocado toast.

11. Blend frozen banana with nut butter, cocoa powder, and water. Add oats if you have them.

12. Add smoked salmon to a stack of avocado, fried egg, and a whole grain English muffin.

13. Make a batch of hard boiled eggs to have all week then mix them into a crunchy breakfast salad.

14. Layer Greek yogurt with oats, chia seeds, and mixed berries.

15. Find a way to work veggies into your breakfast sandwich (made with whole grain bread of course).

16. If you're feeding a family, try this baked oatmeal casserole you can make ahead and reheat in the microwave.

17. Blend a frozen banana with 1/2 cup frozen kale and 1/2 cup coconut water into a blender.

18. Make smoothie packets for your freezer at the beginning of the week to keep that 3am meal simple.

19. Make a smoothie with watermelon, Greek yogurt (protein), apples (fiber), and banana.

20. Blend mangoes, oranges, and pineapple with coconut water and coconut butter.

21. Make a delicious and hydrating Apple-Spice Breakfast Soup the night before.

22. Try egg whites scrambled with fresh avocado and topped with grape tomatoes.

23. Pair your eggs and a whole wheat muffin with a big pile of arugula and avocado.

24. Make a quick breakfast wrap with fruit, nut butter, cinnamon, and a whole wheat wrap.

25. Have a handful of berries and a cup of Greek yogurt with your whole wheat bagel and almond butter.

26. Put poached eggs on a pile of greens and add fresh hydrating tomatoes.

27. Finally, when you're pressed for time, scarf a couple of hard-boiled eggs, a piece of whole wheat bread, and a fruit or vegetable.

And don't forget, two glasses of water at every suhoor.