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18 People Who Messed Up Thanksgiving Sooo Badly, They'll Never Be Asked To Host Again

I'm just thankful I wasn't there.

1. This expressive turkey:

a cooked turkey with a long bone coming up from between the legs

2. This pickle pumpkin pie that I'd probably try once, TBH:

pickles on a pumpkin pie

3. This mac 'n' cheese turkey mess:

cheese covered turkey on top of a pan of mac n cheese

4. This horror movie monster that will certainly give me nightmares:

turkey covered with bacon, stuffed with octopus and sitting on top of large crab legs

5. This turkey that was cooked well-done:

burnt turkey

6. This turkey that looks like an actual crime scene:

turkey with pieces taken out of it sitting in a crockpot of juices

7. This turkey dessert that just looks wrong in so many ways:

turkey made of icing that can either look like poop or a penis

8. This pie with a slight char:

burnt pumpkin pie

9. This toasty turkey:

incredibly burnt turkey

10. This Instant Pot turkey:

unappetizing turkey that looks old

11. This demon from the underworld:

turkey stuffed with large octopus

12. This quirky turkey:

turkey dressed up as a snow person with garnishes to have a hat, and face

13. This peculiar dessert design:

another icing turkey that looks like a penis

14. This Flamin' Hot Cheeto turkey:

hot cheeto dust on a turkey

15. This stuffed turkey:

turkey stuffed with what looks like mac n cheese and beef

16. This perky turkey:

turkey that looks like it's got breasts

17. This turkey made from Spam:

raw spam formed into a turkey

18. And finally, whatever the heck happened here:

exploded turkey

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving that's worthy of r/thanksgiving and doesn't end up on r/funny or r/shittyfoodporn!