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22 One-Skillet Dinner Ideas That Are Easy And Tasty

One skillet, no mess, delicious meals.

1. Skillet Chicken Parmesan

Wry Toast Eats / Via

Cooking chicken parmesan in a cast iron skillet makes this classic dish crispy on the outside but moist and tender on the inside. Get the recipe here.



2. 20-Minute Sausage Pasta Skillet

Eat Well 101 / Via

If you want to save time and money on groceries, you could always opt for a store bought marinara sauce. If you're up for a little extra work though, the homemade sauce in this recipe is totally worth it. Get the recipe here.

3. Greek Shrimp, Pearl Barley, and Kale With Feta

Kitchen Confidante / Via

If you don't have couscous, you can sub in your favorite grains from quinoa or cauliflower rice to barley or farro. Get the recipe here.



4. Poached Salmon in Coconut Lime Sauce

Recipe Tin Eats / Via

Caramelize the garlic, ginger, and lemongrass in a cast iron skillet before adding the coconut milk and the salmon. The result is a sweet and savory curry sauce that will become a staple in your dinner rotation. Get the recipe here.

5. Pork Chops With Apples and Butternut Squash

The Forked Spoon / Via

Thanks to this simple recipe, you can cook your main dish and your sides all in a single pan. Get the recipe here.



6. Herb Potato, Tomato, and Baked Egg Skillet

Nutrition In The Kitch / Via, Nutrition in The Kitch / Via

The best thing about this hearty egg dish is you can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get the recipe here.

7. French Onion Chicken

Modern Honey / Via

What happens when you combine juicy baked chicken with cheesy, bubbly French onion soup? This magic dish. Get the recipe here.



8. Pan Seared Shrimp With Tomato, Feta, and Garlic

Savory Tooth / Via

Bright tomato sauce and creamy, tangy feta take this skillet shrimp to the next level. Serve it over rice for a filling and delicious dinner. Get the recipe here.

9. Cheesy Rotisserie Chicken Enchilada Skillet

Skinny Taste / Via

Grab a rotisserie chicken and you can whip up this cheesy enchilada skillet in no time. Just add veggies, enchilada sauce, beans, corn tortillas, and lots of Mexican-blend cheese. Get the recipe here.



10. Thai Chicken Peanut Rice Skillet

Spoonful of Flavor / Via

Imagine all the delicious flavors of Pad Thai in an easy-to-make rice skillet. You can always swap the chicken for shrimp or even tofu. Get the recipe here.

11. Skillet Balsamic Peach Pork Chops With Feta and Basil

Half Baked Harvest / Via

There's something about tart balsamic and juicy, sweet peaches that makes this pork main totally irresistible. Get the recipe here.



12. Chicken Thighs With Creamy Tomato Basil Spinach Sauce

Julia's Album / Via

Boneless skinless chicken thighs or breasts get a flavor boost from tomato sauce, garlic, spinach, basil, and a bit of cream. Get the recipe here.

13. Skillet Baked Ziti

Dinner Then Dessert / Via

This family-friendly recipe is an ideal weeknight dinner that comes together in just about 30 minutes. The recipe called for ground beef, but you can use turkey, chicken, or spicy sausage in its place. Get the recipe here.



14. Cast Iron Skillet Seared Salmon

Foodness Gracious / Via

Use your cast iron skillet to make salmon that's perfectly crispy and caramelized on the outside but flaky and tender on the inside. Get the recipe here.

15. Chorizo and Sweet Potato Egg Skillet

Eat Drink Paleo / Via

Sweet potato and chorizo crisp up in the skillet to make a perfect base for this hash. You can cook the eggs for as long as you'd like until they reach your desired doneness. Get the recipe here.



16. Easy Skillet Lasagna

The Food Cafe / Via

Next time you're cooking for guests, serve this simplified skillet lasagna. Hearty, comforting, and bursting with flavor, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe here.

17. Taco Cauliflower Rice Skillet

Show Me The Yummy / Via

The best part about this recipe is that you can customize it to your flavor preferences. Swap quinoa or brown rice for riced cauliflower, add your go-to protein, and jazz it up with any Tex-Mex toppings. Get the recipe here.



18. Cauliflower and Chickpea Masala Skillet

Budget Bytes / Via

You can easily make this meatless recipe vegan. Just swap the heavy cream for coconut or cashew milk and voilà. Get the recipe here.

19. Skillet Chilaquiles With Egg

Dietitian Debbie / Via

There's no bad time of day of chilaquiles. To add some crunch you can fry the tortillas before sautéing them, but TBH, we love when they get a bit soggy beneath the enchilada sauce, melty cheese, and runny eggs. Get the recipe here.



20. Easy One-Skillet Seafood Paella

Baked Ambrosia / Via

With this one-skillet paella loaded with fresh shellfish, you can pretend it's summer in the Mediterranean any time of year. Get the recipe here.

21. Buffalo Chicken and Rice Skillet

Via, A Spicy Perspective / Via

We love dressing up this spicy chicken and rice skillet with a drizzle of blue cheese and some finely chopped celery for the crunch-factor. Get the recipe here.

22. Skillet Shrimp Fajitas

Spend With Pennies / Via

Serve these skillet fajitas DIY-style with tortillas and your favorite garnishes like guacamole, sour ceam, and pico de gallo. Get the recipe here.







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