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21 Halloween Snacks That Are Honestly Better Than Trick Or Treating

Halloween weekend is right around the corner.

Halloween might look a little different this year, but October 31st is still the perfect excuse to treat yourself. ๐ŸŽƒ

Whether you're entertaining little kids or you just want an excuse to make something festive, these Halloween-themed sweets, treats, and snacks are perfect for you.

1. Matcha Monster Waffles

Handmade Charlotte / Via

Grab your favorite waffle mix and add some green matcha powder to make them spookily festive.

Recipe: Matcha Monster Waffles



2. Reese's Cups Spider Cookies

Cincy Shopper / Via

If you want to save time and effort โ€” no judgement! โ€” just opt for your favorite boxed cookie mix. Top them with miniature Reeseโ€™s cups, chocolate frosting, and candy eyes.

Recipe: Reese's Cups Spider Cookies

3. Clementine Pumpkins

If you're looking for an easy candy-less sweet treat, just pop green apple slices into peeled clementines. Instant pumpkins.

Recipe: Clementine Pumpkins



4. Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

Grits and Pine Cones / Via

Morbid yet delicious, this dessert dip is made with a mixture of cream cheese, crushed Oreos, butter and cocoa powder. Grab a package of Milano cookies or Graham crackers for the tombstones and decorate with candy corn.

Recipe: Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

5. Graveyard Pudding Cups

My Name is Snicker Doodle / Via

These are the same idea as the Oreo cheesecake party dip except they're individually sized and even more simple, filled with chocolate pudding and cookie crumbs.

Recipe: Graveyard Pudding Cups



6. Pumpkin Bars

This recipe makes enough to feed the whole family โ€” or you can slice and freeze some away for future snacking.

Recipe: Pumpkin Bars

7. Jack-o-Lantern Floats

Belle Of The Kitchen / Via, Belle of the Kitchen / Via

Make these cute ice cream floats for the kids and then treat yourself to the adult version, spiked with vodka.

Recipe: Jack-o-Lantern Floats



8. Ghost Pretzels

Dessert Now Dinner Later / Via

These adorably spooky white chocolate covered pretzels come together in no time. They're an ideal, low-maintenance Halloween snack to make with kids.

Recipe: Ghost Pretzels

9. Witch Hat Cupcakes

Tastes Better From Scratch / Via

As adorable as they are delicious, these cupcakes will cast a spell over you so that you can't stop at just one.

Recipe: Witch Hat Cupcakes



10. Halloween Deviled Eggs

She Keeps a Lovely Home / Via

These classic deviled eggs get a festive twist thanks to red peppers, which you can cut into the shape of horns and wings. Best of all, this recipe can be made a full day in advance and stored in the fridge. Just don't fill the eggs until you're ready to serve.

Recipe: Halloween Deviled Eggs

11. Spider Deviled Eggs

Creative Homemaking / Via

Or for another take on the classic party app, use black olives to make creepy little spiders, then arrange them on top of the prepared deviled eggs.

Recipe: Spider Deviled Eggs



12. Mummy English Muffin Pizzas

Veggies Save The Day / Via

Four ingredients are all you need to make this individually-sized mummy pizzas. Grab some English muffins or mini bagels, tomato sauce, olives, and string cheese.

Recipe: Mummy English Muffin Pizzas

13. Haunted Halloween Pancakes

Southern Made Simple / Via

Canned pumpkin purรฉe give these pancakes an orange appearance and a seasonal fall flavor while black food coloring gives maple syrup a spooky twist.

Recipe: Haunted Halloween Pancakes



14. Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Quesadillas

One Little Project / Via

If you can carve a pumpkin, you can certainly carve a tortilla. Fill that cut-out tortilla with cheese and pop it into the oven until golden brown and melted.

Recipe: Jack-o-lantern Cheese Quesadillas

15. Oreo Truffle Monsters

Butter and Baggage / Via

These Oreo truffles call for just three ingredients: Oreo cookies, cream cheese, and chocolate wafer cookies. Decorate them in anything from melted chocolate or vanilla frosting to sprinkles.

Recipe: Oreo Truffle Monsters



16. Mummy Dogs

Homemade Interest / Via

If you like pigs in a blanket, you'll love this festive treat made with hot dogs, and store bought crescent roll dough. A dot of ketchup or mustard will keep the candy eyes in place.

Recipe: Mummy Dogs

17. Vampire Donuts

If you happen to have vampire teeth lying around, use them to easily upgrade store-bought donuts.

Recipe: Vampire Donuts



18. Halloween Rice Krispies Treats

Happiness Is Homemade / Via, Happiness is Homemade / Via

You don't need any baking skills to make these easy ghost treats. Just start with a box of Rice Krispies treats, stick them onto popsicle sticks and dip them into melted white chocolate.

Recipe: Halloween Rice Krispy Treats

19. Halloween Witch Chips and Guacamole

Marathons and Motivation / Via

Guacamole works for every single holiday, if you ask me.

Recipe: Halloween Witch Chips and Guacamole

20. Halloween Marshmallow Pops

My Baking Addiction / Via

Marshmallows, melting chocolate, and some festive sprinkles are all there is to this adorable dessert.

Recipe: Halloween Marshmallow Pops

21. Char-boo-terie Board

This clever spread uses snack staples โ€” string cheese, berries, pretzels, cheese puffs โ€” to create the ultimate Halloween party platter.

Recipe: Char-boo-terie Board

Tasty's Holiday Recipes

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Tasty's Holiday Recipes

From easy classics to festive new favorites, you'll find them all here.



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