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14 Creative Ways To Cook Eggs You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

From microwaved "poached" eggs to waffled omelets.

There's no denying that eggs are one of the most versatile foods — and the classic methods of cooking them (frying, boiling, etc.) only scratch the surface of the countless ways you can prepare them!

So we rounded up 14 egg-cooking techniques — from slow cooker scrambles to red wine poached eggs — that are equal parts strange, practical, and delicious.

1. Make poached "scrambled" eggs.

2. Make a sheet pan frittata that's perfect for meal prepping.

3. Bake eggs in mini muffin tins and make breakfast sandwiches with them.

4. Cook an omelet directly in a waffle iron for a quick and unexpected breakfast.

5. Make insanely fluffy scrambled eggs using an espresso steamer.

Facebook: video.php

Using the steamer wand of an espresso machine to scramble eggs might sound weird, but the gentle, moist heat keeps them from drying out. And besides, if Martha Stewart tells you to cook your eggs using an espresso steamer, you listen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Get the recipe: Espresso Scrambled Eggs

6. Make perfect poached eggs by pricking a tiny hole in the shells with a pin.

7. Poach eggs in little plastic wrap pouches to keep them nice and uniform...

Facebook: video.php

Line a small bowl with plastic wrap, crack an egg into it, and tie the plastic wrap around it into a tight pouch. Then just poach the egg directly in the pouch so it holds its shape. Once cooked, snip the plastic wrap open, dry it off, and you have a perfectly poached egg.

Get the recipe: Plastic Wrap Poached Eggs

8. Or make a poached egg in the microwave in just one minute.

9. Cook your eggs in leftover red wine* to give them a stunning red color and subtle flavor.

10. Make an egg white omelet within a matter of seconds in the microwave.

11. Batch cook a bunch of "hard-boiled" eggs in the oven...

12. Or make "hard-boiled" eggs by steaming them.

13. Make sunny side up-style eggs by baking them on a sheet pan.

14. Make a big batch of scrambled eggs in the slow cooker.

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