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12 Borderline Genius Cooking Hacks From Gordon Ramsay

How not to be an idiot sandwich in the kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay, the chef known for his hot temper, no-bullshit attitude, and delicious food, has graced us with some ~genius~ cooking hacks over the years.

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Like how to cook the perfect steak, how to make perfect pasta, and the importance of LAMB SAUCE.

Here are 12 of his most helpful hacks to take you from idiot sandwich to MasterChef material.

1. Quickly peel a whole head of garlic by smashing it and shaking it between two bowls.

Simply smash it, rip the cloves apart, and shake it between two bowls for ten seconds. The cloves will separate from the papery skin, leaving you with perfectly peeled garlic in no time.

See the full video here.

2. Quickly ripen fruits by putting them in a brown paper bag with a banana.

If your fruit is not quite ripe enough, place it into a brown paper bag with a banana. The banana will speed up the ripening process, leaving you with perfectly ripe fruit in no time.

See the full video here.

3. How to cut herbs for maximum flavor.

According to Gordon, the secret to cutting herbs is to "chop them, not bruise them." If you roll up soft herbs (such as basil) tightly before slicing them, the herbs will hold on to their "goodness" rather than bleeding it onto the cutting board.

See the full video here.

4. Use a knife to gently "shave" herbs right off of their stems.

Instead of wasting time picking leaves off of cilantro and parsley stems, use the blade of your knife to gently shave them right off.

See the full video here.

5. After cutting chilis, squeeze lemon juice onto your hands to neutralize the lingering burn.

It neutralizes the heat and prevents unwanted spreading of the burn. Ever itch your eyes after cutting a jalapeño? This will prevent that.

See the full video here.

6. Quickly peel kiwis by using a spoon.

Just cut them in half horizontally and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. No peeler needed!

See the full video here.

7. Check if a pineapple is ripe by pulling a center leaf out.

If it detaches easily, the pineapple is ripe and ready to eat!

See the full video here.

8. Store cut avocado, potato, and apple in a bowl of water with a squirt of lemon juice to prevent them from browning.

The acidity of the lemon juice will stop them from browning while the water creates a barrier between the flesh and the oxygen.

See the full video here.

9. Adjust the coarseness of grind on a pepper mill by loosening or tightening the nut.

Simply tighten it for finely ground pepper or loosen it for coarse pepper "perfect for steaks and fish."

See the full video here.

10. When cooking pasta, add a splash of olive oil to the water to prevent it from sticking together.

And after draining it, season the cooked pasta with salt and black pepper directly in the colander.

See the full video here.

11. Finish your scrambled eggs with crème fraîche to keep them moist.

Right before your scrambled eggs are done cooking, add half a tablespoon of cold crème fraîche to quickly cool them down and prevent overcooking.

See the full video here.

12. Use the touch test to determine if your steak is cooked to the desired temperature.

When cooking steak, compare it to the firmness of your hand. Rare is the fleshy part of your palm, medium is your lower wrist, and well-done is the top of your wrist.

See the full video here.