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The Most Unexpected Cooking Hacks I Learned In 2018

From roasting garlic in the microwave to making scrambled eggs with mayonnaise.

Here at Tasty, we come across a ton of strange cooking hacks every year.

1. Brush your fish with mayonnaise to prevent it from sticking to the grill...

2. And add mayonnaise to your scrambled eggs to make them super creamy...

3. But if you really hate mayo, adding cornstarch to your eggs can make them super creamy, too.

4. "Roast" your white chocolate in an oven or microwave to transform it into caramelized white chocolate...

5. And roast plain white sugar in the oven to give it a deep caramel flavor, too.

6. Cook your mashed potatoes in heavy cream instead of water to make them super creamy.

7. Use milk powder to give your baked goods an added depth of dairy flavor.

8. Poach eggs in little pouches made out of plastic wrap to keep them together.

9. "Roast" garlic in the microwave in a matter of minutes...

10. And "toast" your nuts in the microwave, too.

11. Place an ice cube in the center of your burger patties to keep them from drying out.

12. Use silica packets (you know, those little packets you find in packaged products) to keep delicate pastries from becoming soggy.

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