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30 "Bake Off"-Worthy Recipes That Just Might Land You With A Star Baker Award

On your marks, get set, bake.

Baking season is here! 🍰

Maybe it's because the weather is starting to get cooler, or maybe it's because everyone's favorite baking competition show is back, but it's definitely time to fire up the oven and get baking again.

This collection of treats is inspired by the bakes on The Great British Baking Show...or Great British Bake Off (if you're in the UK)...or just plain ol' Bake Off — call it what you want! You'll find something to get you through each week of the competition, whether it's cakes, breads, biscuits (cookies!), or everyone's favorite: pastry. Make these recipes, and you'll feel like you're sitting under the tent, in the running to be star baker. Cue the charming music and bucolic B-roll!

1. Earl Grey Blackberry Cake

Here's the tea: the Earl Grey gives this cake a sophisticated flavor that will please any palate. 

Recipe: Earl Grey Blackberry Cake | Shop This Recipe



2. Banana Bread Chocolate Cheesecake Swiss Roll

If you can master the perfect swirl (no cracks!), this might just be your new signature bake.

Recipe: Banana Bread Chocolate Cheesecake Swiss Roll | Shop This Recipe

3. Checkerboard Cake

Slice it open, and this one will really impress the judges...aka your friends.

Recipe: Checkerboard Cake | Shop This Recipe



4. Rainbow Crepe Cake

Is this a traditional British bake? Definitely not. But it's a real showstopper!

Recipe: Rainbow Crepe Cake | Shop This Recipe

5. Baked Alaska

This recipe is perfect for showing off those blowtorch skills. Feel free to switch up the cake and ice cream flavors to find your own winning combination.

Recipe: Baked Alaska | Shop This Recipe



6. Rainbow Veggie and Pesto Tart

Who doesn't love a good savory bake? Don't skip the blind bake soggy bottoms allowed here.

Recipe: Rainbow Veggie and Pesto Tart | Shop This Recipe

7. Molten Churro Bombs

Deep frying is always a fun and delicious challenge. Pro tip: If you don't have a piping bag, go ahead and just cut the tip off a Ziploc. You'll be good to go! 

Recipe: Molten Churro Bombs | Shop This Recipe



8. Berries & Cream Puff Ring

Master this choux pastry treat, and you're a shoo-in for the finale. 

Recipe: Berries & Cream Puff Ring | Shop This Recipe

9. Layered Strawberry Cream Puff Cake (Mille-Feuille)

Are you sitting in a French patisserie or your own kitchen? Make these, and you can be the judge.

Recipe: Layered Strawberry Cream Puff Cake (Mille-Feuille) | Shop This Recipe



10. Puff Pastry Salmon (Salmon Wellington)

If you're *fishing* for compliments during Pastry Week, try this twist on a classic dish.  

Recipe: Puff Pastry Salmon (Salmon Wellington) | Shop This Recipe

11. Sticky Toffee Bundt Cake

This spin on a British classic is sure to be a winner — no ifs, ands, or bundts.

Recipe: Sticky Toffee Bundt Cake | Shop This Recipe



12. 3-Part Mirror Glaze Cake

This three-part recipe will help you learn a seriously impressive technique that will take your cake-baking skills from amateur to professional. 

Recipe: 3-Part Mirror Glaze Cake | Shop This Recipe

13. Portuguese Custard Tarts

Your challenge? Make 12 uniform, perfectly baked (and deliciously sweet) treats. Then, try not to eat them all in one sitting.

Recipe: Portuguese Custard Tarts | Shop This Recipe



14. Berries and Cream Cloud Cake

Fans of the show will know that this is also called a Pavlova, and the Pavlovian response to seeing one is to eat it immediately. 

Recipe: Berries and Cream Cloud Cake | Shop This Recipe

15. Matcha Macarons

Make the other bakers green with envy when you present these perfect macarons. Here's a tip from the judges: The key to a perfect-looking macaron is letting the piped macaron mixture rest before baking.

Recipe: Matcha Macarons | Shop This Recipe



16. Homemade Dutch Oven Bread

A perfect crispy crust + nice structure on the inside = a Hollywood Handshake during Bread Week.

Recipe: Homemade Dutch Oven Bread | Shop This Recipe

17. Swedish Saffron Buns (Lussebullar)

These may be a bit of a technical challenge...but the result is very, very worth it. 

Recipe: Swedish Saffron Buns (Lussebullar) | Shop This Recipe



18. Chocolate Braided Swirl Bread (Babka)

Show off your enriched dough skills (and make your bubbe proud) with this sweet, chocolaty bread.

Recipe: Chocolate Braided Swirl Bread (Babka) | Shop This Recipe

19. Hazelnut-Crusted Pear & Brie Tart

If you need a break from some serious sugar, this tart with creamy brie cheese and crisp pears is the perfect balance of savory and sweet.

Recipe: Hazelnut-Crusted Pear & Brie Tart | Shop This Recipe



20. French-style Lemon Tart

Put your zest foot forward with this sweet, satisfyingly sour, and perfectly baked tart. 

Recipe: French-style Lemon Tart | Shop This Recipe

21. The Best Chocolate Cake

Show off your mastery of the basics with this mouthwatering treat. Here's some buzz: Adding espresso powder is what really makes the chocolate stand out.

Recipe: The Best Chocolate Cake | Shop This Recipe



22. Triple-Decker Cheesecake Tower

Look at those layers! This wow-inducing cake uses time-saving boxed mixes (but we'll never tell). 

Recipe: Triple-Decker Cheesecake Tower | Shop This Recipe

23. Geode Cake

OK, so THIS is a showstopper. Serve this at a party, and everyone will agree that your baking skills *rock*. 

Recipe: Geode Cake | Shop This Recipe



24. Zebra Sponge Cake

Show off your design skills and earn your stripes with this sweet and swirly sponge.

Recipe: Zebra Sponge Cake | Shop This Recipe

25. Cheddar-Stuffed Biscuits

These may be "biscuits"...but please don't make these for Biscuit Week because it is most definitely NOT a cookie. 

Recipe: Cheddar-Stuffed Biscuits | Shop This Recipe



26. Raspberry Poppyseed Linzer Cookies

These look so scrumptious, you just might want to serve them at high tea. You can even play around with the shape by using different cookie cutters! 

Recipe: Raspberry Poppyseed Linzer Cookies | Shop This Recipe

27. Palmier Cookies

These flaky palmier cookies will have you looking like a star baker with half the work. This recipe uses store-bought puff pastry...and we're not mad about it.

Recipe: Palmier Cookies | Shop This Recipe



28. Dairy-free Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie

It's always a good idea to have a vegan recipe in your back pocket should the opportunity arise, but it's an especially good idea to have this delicious recipe ready to go.

Recipe: Dairy-free Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie | Shop This Recipe

29. Hanging Gingerbread Biscuits

Don't forget about the holiday episodes! This biscuit (cookie!) recipe is sure to bring the cheer.

Recipe: Hanging Gingerbread Biscuits | Shop This Recipe

30. Shortbread Jam Squares

Behold: the perfect traybake. Buttery, jammy, and delicious. 

Recipe: Shortbread Jam Squares | Shop This Recipe

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Need easy dinner ideas?

These meals will make your weeknights way simpler. (And tastier!)



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