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20 Homemade Pizza Recipes Your Entire Family Will Love

Dinner plans? CHECK.

Is there anything better than pizza night? 🍕

No disrespect to your favorite pizza joint, but pizza really does taste even better when you make it yourself. Plus, making it at home is a great activity to do with the whole family — and can actually save you some serious *dough*.

You aren't limited to cheese and pepperoni, so get creative! These fun recipes will show you new techniques and deliver flavor combos to please every palate.

1. Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Every kid's favorite pasta dish as pizza? Yeah, this one's a winner. Commenters recommend taking it to the next level by adding bacon.

Recipe: Chicken Alfredo Pizza



2. Cheese-Stuffed Pizza Pretzels

Bring on the dipping sauces! (And maybe some extra napkins.)

Recipe: Cheese-Stuffed Pizza Pretzels

3. Upside-Down One-Pan Pizza

This is a meal with a big reveal. The best part? It all comes together in one skillet.

Recipe: Upside-Down One-Pan Pizza



4. Rainbow Sheet Pan Pizza

This pizza is so fun to make and eat that your enthralled kiddos might not even notice it has their daily serving of veggies on it.

Recipe: Rainbow Sheet Pan Pizza

5. Double-Stuffed Sheet Pan Pizza

There's a good chance you have everything you need for this already in your kitchen. The special ingredient here is string cheese — the unofficial snack food of kids of all ages.

Recipe: Double-Stuffed Sheet-Pan Pizza



6. Chicken Avocado Pizza

This pizza really stands out for its versatility. Have extra spinach in the fridge? Add it!

Recipe: Chicken Avocado Pizza

7. Sweet Potato Pizza Bites

Quick, easy, and the perfect size for little hands. Swapping traditional crust for sweet potatoes adds some extra fiber — and for bonus points, you can set up a toppings station so everyone can personalize their pizza bites.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Pizza Bites



8. Pizza Waffles

This technique is perfect for containing gooey cheese and drippy sauce. Just be sure to press the sides and seal the dough before you bake the pizza!

Recipe: Pizza Waffles

9. Chicken Parm Pizza

Playing with your food is not allowed, but being playful with food most certainly is! This pizza features a breaded chicken "crust" that you can always bake if you don't want to fry it.

Recipe: Chicken Parm Pizza



10. Muffin Tin Deep Dish Pizzas

Don't have pizza dough? A reliable tube of biscuit dough will work for this recipe too!

Recipe: Muffin Tin Deep Dish Pizzas

11. Pizza Nachos

Taco Tuesday, meet Pizza Friday! Use a Mexican cheese blend for extra flavor in this delicious mashup.

Recipe: Pizza Nachos



12. BBQ Chicken Tortilla Pizzas

Use a rotisserie chicken with this recipe and you'll be feeding the whole fam in about 15 minutes.

Recipe: BBQ Chicken Tortilla Pizzas

13. Pesto Pizza

The homemade pesto is really delicious, but no one's judging if you go the store-bought route to speed things up a bit.

Recipe: Pesto Pizza



14. Mac 'n' Cheese Crust Pizza

Pizza and mac 'n' cheese are a few of kids' favorite things — bring 'em together with this standout recipe.

Recipe: Mac 'n' Cheese Crust Pizza

15. Easy Baguette Pizza

This baguette pizza pairs especially well with wine...or grape juice.

Recipe: Easy Baguette Pizza



16. Rainbow Cauliflower Pizza

If you're looking for a gluten-free option, try cauliflower crust. It's topped here with rainbow-worthy veggies!

Recipe: Rainbow Cauliflower Pizza

17. Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza

Take breakfast for dinner to the next level with this recipe. To make it more kid-friendly, scramble the egg before you pour it on top.

Recipe: Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza



18. Caprese Pita Pizza

Give your oven the night off with this dressed-up, microwaved meal. It's especially well suited for kiddos who are looking to show some independence in the kitchen but aren't quite ready for 400 degrees of heat.

Recipe: Caprese Pita Pizza

19. Sheet Pan Calzone

Controversial opinion: Calzones are pizza. Uncontroversial opinion: Sheet pan dinners are fantastic for families.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Calzone

20. Build-Your-Own French Bread Pizzas

For the easiest cleanup, line your sheet pan with foil or parchment first. Then let everyone customize their own creations!

Recipe: Build-Your-Own French Bread Pizzas

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