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17 Incredibly Cursed Foods From 2022 That We Must Never Speak Of Again

That's it — you've all lost your kitchen privileges.

1. First, this sorry excuse for a pizza:

pizza with American cheese slices

2. This ramen with ham that looks like the face of a man in ANGUISH:

a slice of ham on a bowl of ramen

3. These mashed potatoes made with CHOCOLATE MILK:

brown mashed potatoes with salad and sausage

4. This restaurant's "fresh" cheese pizza that was re-baked with new cheese sprinkled on top:

reheated pizza

5. This "sushi poutine" that should be illegal:

sushi with poutine

6. This loaf of bread that was literally made with Mountain Dew Baja Blast:

green bread cooked with Mountain Dew

7. This restaurant's "Caesar salad":

salad covered in orange dressing

8. This double pepperoni pizza that was built for chaos:

pizza covered in pepperoni

9. This purple ramen with questionable topping choices:

ramen with American cheese, pieces of unidentifiable meat, and a red sauce on top

10. This birthday cake that's like, "Look, we tried":

a cake that says "birth" on it

11. This perfectly good banana bread that was ruined by a whole bottle of red food coloring for NO reason:

red banana bread

12. This delicious blue noodle and green chicken...whatever it is:

a mass of blue and green food

13. This cookout burger that's perfect for the relative you don't like:

a hamburger with a small patty covered in butter

14. This cake that straight-up looks like Oogie Boogie reincarnated:

chocolate cake that's got cracks in the shape of a scary face

15. This hearty solar system breakfast:

omelet with random pieces of food to make it look like the solar system

16. These sad, sad veggie tacos:

tacos with thawed frozen veggie mix

17. And finally, spaghetti IN meatballs:

large pieces of meat with spaghetti inside

H/T: r/shittyfoodporn

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