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"My Husband And I Are On That New Year, New Us Bullshit And We Are A Drinking Couple..." — This Woman Is Struggling With Dry January, And Turns Out, Lots Of Other Couples Are Too. Here Is What The Internet Suggests.

Sober things to do...besides each other.

TikTok user @homebodyhustler recently shared how she and her husband were struggling with Dry January (the trend where people give up alcohol the first month of the year).

And, interestingly enough, research shows that Dry January is effective at changing your behavior around drinking. In 2014, a Dry January campaign launched in the UK found that 72% of participants were able to consistently avoid binge drinking for six months after staying sober for one month.

A closeup of a calendar with "STOP DRINKING" written on New Year's Day

So, it's a good move to try it! However, lots of people who like to drink struggle with it:

One person said "omg I'm on day 2 and I'm so damn bored!"
Another person said "Had to read the comments because I have the same question"
One person commented "Well currently, we are fighting. So, I dunno. On Day 3 of Dry January"

But it's consensus that many are on board, they just need SOBER SUGGESTIONS for what to do!

This person commented "Are we all the same people living the same lives?" with a laughing, crying emoji"

So, besides the sarcastic ideas...

One said "I heard a rumour that healthy couples watch their shows together on matching treadmills while nibbling on broccoli (unconfirmed)

Lots of sober TikTok users had some insight to share:

1. Like putting away $5 every time you would normally drink to save up for a vacation:

2. This couple who has been sober for over a year now likes to do all sorts of things like hiking, playing games, cooking...but most importantly, just feeling proud of themselves:

My husband and I were the same for 8 years! Then 16 months ago we quit alcohol. We hike, walk, cook, do projects, play games, hold hands and be proud of ourselves!!!!"

3. One doctor came in with deep wisdom to just let things be so hobbies can come to the surface once alcohol isn't an option:

Begin to make space for the answers to come to the surface but first you have to create space

4. Another suggestion is to turn to yummy non-alcoholic drinks like mocktails or kombucha:

5. OR LA CROIX!!!!

lots of lacroix

6. A lot of people have taken up puzzles and shows:

This person said "Puzzles while watching a show"

7. And besides reading (which is a great suggestion), this couple has a neat idea to watch a show in another language:

8. Talking, going to bed early, and indulging in dessert are other great options:

"Talk. Watch a show. Go for a walk. Go to bed earlier to get more sleep. Indulge in a dessert. Switch to a non-alcoholic option. Good luck!"

9. Finding positive things to focus on — either together or independently:

We find other things to focus on. He enjoys video games with buddies. I bought a piano and started baking. We walk the dogs. The evenings go by fast"

10. And reminding yourself that once you get past the initial hard part, it will get easier and you won't even want alcohol:

Once you get past two weeks it's like when I eat something sweet you crave it the next day but once you just get past that time you don't event crave it

11. Just doing everyday, regular stuff — like going to the movies and enjoying sober life:

Watch the show without the alcohol...go get dinner without alcohol....go to Starbucks, go see a movie with popcorn soda and candy!

12. You could even try to take up crocheting or painting:

We don't drink, never really have, so it's normal for us. We talk a lot, sometimes watch a show, we do our own thing a lot. I crochet; he paints

13. And, lastly, there is always sex:

This person commented "we do each other {laughing, crying emoji"

So, we wanna know: How do you live your best sober life?! What suggestions do you have for others? Let us know in the comments!!!