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I Asked People For Their Best Easy Dishes, And Someone Suggested "Chicken Goop" β€” I Made It In Less Than 15 Minutes And It's Now One Of My Fave Recipes Of All Time

"This stuff freezes great and is a good base for nachos, burritos, or with a fried egg for breakfast." 🀀

If you're new here, welcome to the "I'm so busy I barely have time to feed myself" side of BuzzFeed. I'm Krista and I am a busy mom who gravitates toward minimal-effort dinners. I make a lot of them and am now opening the floor for you to share yours so we can all help each other in making dinnertime less stressful!

A while back, I turned to you guys to see if you had any easy recipe suggestions to share, and you had a lot, so I am sharing one today that caught my eye: CHICKEN GOOP.

BuzzFeed user cicelys submitted this recipe, and after I made it, it immediately started generating conversation on Instagram and reached 1 million views within a day:

We'll discuss all the comments in a bit, but I know your curiosity is piqued, so let's get into the recipe first! To make chicken goop, you will need something like an Instant Pot. I used this pressure cooker, and it worked fine.

Inside the pressure cooker, you will first dump in two boneless, skinless chicken breasts:


Next, you will add a can of fiesta-style corn and a can of black beans β€” drain each of them beforehand.

One cup of white rice and a packet of taco seasoning go in after that.

And you finish it off by adding a 16-ounce jar of chunky salsa and two cups of chicken broth.

Mix it all around and cook for 12 minutes!

It's hard to see here because of the steam, but the chicken should be done within 12 minutes (mine was!) and look like this:

Then you just shred the chicken β€” I used a hand mixer, and it was done in less than a minute.


Here is a beauty shot with the flash. Ah, chicken goop:

I made tacos, and IT WAS DELISH! cicelys said this stuff freezes great and is a good base for nachos, burritos, or with a fried egg for breakfast. 🀀

Krista holding up a taco filled with chicken goop, lettuce, and tomato

Here is a recipe recap: In a pressure cooker, add two chicken breasts, a can of corn (I used fiesta corn), a can of black beans, one cup rice, a packet of taco seasoning, a 16-ounce jar of chunky salsa, two cups of chicken broth. Set it for 12 minutes, then shred the chicken and enjoy!

Cicelys's recipe

And as I mentioned before, tons of people came flooding in the comments to share their own variations of "chicken goop," saying it is a staple meal and the perfect meal prep recipe:

This is my fav! We just throw it in a bowl with sour cream and a little cheese and call them taco bowls. It's my Monday, it's been a long day and I don't want to cook meal

Some suggest adding green chiles or cream cheese (shredded cheddar cheese would be good too):

You could swap out the chicken broth and salsa for enchilada sauce if you want:

This commenter said they also add olives, dice tomatoes, and a diced onion. They also cook their on the stove and use a rice cooker. They call it chicken cheesy rice because they top it with cheese for the last few minutes

I love this suggestion to make them into egg roll wraps and fry them OMG YUM:

you can also put it inside of egg roll wraps and air fry them! i've been making those for years and it's awesome to dip in some zesty taco ranch

And you could make loaded fries if you add cheese β€” MY MOUTH IS WATERING:

A lot of people wondered if "chicken goop" could be made in a slow cooker, and the answer is HECK YES. Here's one recipe:

Slow cooker, 2 to 3 lbs frozen chicken breast, 32 OZ chunky salsa, 2 cans drained black beans, 2 cans drained corn, block of cream cheese. Cook low 7 to 8 hours, shred the chicken, add chili powder, cumin. Serve with cheese, or use a enchilada filling.

You can also make it in a Dutch oven or on the stove top with ground beef or chicken. It is truly versatile:

And I want to point out that it makes way more than you might think. Me, my husband, and TEEN son all got stuffed and still had leftovers the next night. So we got two full meals for three people out of it β€” I love it served on top of a bed of lettuce too!

So, let's say it together, ~chicken GOOP~ not to be confused with chicken POOP! 🀣 If you have an easy recipe to share, we would love to hear it! Drop it in the comments and maybe I'll feature it in a BuzzFeed post.