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31 Vegetarian Dinners To Make Every Night In May

Because "no meat" doesn't have to mean "no fun."

Marie Telling / Via Buzzfeed



1. Summer Tortellini Salad

Two Peas and their Pod / Via

A killer basil vinaigrette and some of summer's favorite vegetables: you won't even miss the meat.

2. Coconut Yoghurt Dosa With Spicy Chickpea Chutney

Cook Republic / Via

This rice-lentil crêpe from Southern India is light and airy yet full of flavor. For a slightly nuttier twist, toss in 1/2 cup of roasted, peeled peanuts into the chutney blend.



3. Otsu

Dinner with Julie / Via

Named after a small city in southern Japan, otsu is exactly the type of noodle dish that won't weigh you down. Made with cold soba or buckwheat noodles, this summer salad is topped off with crispy tofu and a refreshing, soy vinaigrette for a refreshing summer night.

4. Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread) With Kale and Herb Sauce

Half Baked Harvest / Via

This Instagram-famous dish isn't only meant for restaurants. That #yolkporn is totally doable in your own kitchen, too.



5. Authentic Argentinian Vegetarian Empanadas, Three Ways

At The Immigrant's Table / Via

Eating vegetarian never has to be boring. These empanadas have three fillings to choose from and, with a four-ingredient dough, variety couldn't be easier.

6. Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Flying On Jess Fuel / Via

Nope, this isn't one of those cauliflower-crust creations with no gluten. This is PACKED with gluten, and flavor. Jazz it up with some sriracha for an extra kick.



7. Zucchini Pancakes With Dill Sour Cream

Karla's Nordic Kitchen / Via

Pancakes aren't just a breakfast food, they're an anytime food. These zucchini pancakes are the perfect savory twist on a breakfast favorite.

8. Classic Eggplant Parmesan

The Little Ferraro Kitchen / Via

There's really nothing as comforting as some good ol' eggplant parmesan. This one shines on its own, but you could always round it out with a healthy portion of garlic knots or an equally-classic Caesar salad.



9. Easy Kimchi Noodles

Macheesmo / Via

This is a surprisingly light noodle bowl recipe, with a nice kimchi kick. Top it off with a hard-boiled egg for some added protein.

10. Quick and Easy Canned Black Bean Soup

Maria Ushakova / Via

Using canned black beans makes this soup extremely easy to throw together, and its one-pot preparation means less dishes and less hassle but full-on flavor!



11. Chipotle Bean Burritos

Peaches & Cream / Via

We all crave Chipotle – you're not alone — but after a long day and with a haul of groceries sitting at home, these 30-minute burritos will make you feel better about staying in.

12. Creamy Spinach and Cheese Ravioli

Peas and Crayons / Via

Refrigerated ravioli is a quick-and-easy weeknight favorite for almost anyone, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Jazz it up with a cheese sauce and some spinach, because tonight, you're fine-dining.



13. Copycat Cheesecake Factory Vegan Cobb Salad

Layers of Happiness / Via

There's nothing better than recreating your restaurant favorites in the comfort of your own kitchen. Luckily, this take on a Factory classic is extremely easy to throw together and even easier to customize. Add a layer of feta or goat cheese for some dairy goodness.

14. Browned Butter Gnocchi With Thyme

Let's Dish / Via

Browned butter. Fresh thyme. Soft gnocchi pillows. And only 15 minutes to make? That's right.



15. Pesto Twist Pasta

Jody Duits / Via

This fun little bowl uses pesto made from scratch, but if you're in a bit of a crunch, you can totally swap it out with your favorite storebought pesto.

16. Mexican Street Corn Salad

Lexi's Clean Kitchen / Via

Corn is one of those truly underrated ingredients. This recipe highlights its brilliance: chargrill the corn cobs and suddenly, you've got a versatile salad that, when loaded on some tortillas, make for the perfect taco night.



17. Mango Slaw With Roasted Garlic Lime Dressing

Brooklyn Supper / Via

May is mango month in a lot of places around the world. Celebrate with this simple slaw that, with only a handful of ingredients, is sure to impress.

18. Spicy Veggie Sushi Bowls

Love & Olive Oil / Via

Sushi nights are always popular but making sushi can be intimidating and doesn't usually scream "vegetarian-friendly." This sushi bowl recipe solves both of those problems, so now you can have your sushi and eat it too.



19. Vegetarian Chili Pie With Cornbread Topping

Maebells / Via

Chili doesn't have to be a wintertime food. In fact, with the cornbread topping, it's a great family meal for any time of year. This one's gluten and dairy-free, but feel free to sub in regular milk and top it off with a dollop of sour cream for an indulgent bite!

20. Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Making Jiggy / Via

These are definitely crowd-pleasers and sure, they work as some great finger-food, but serve them alongside some toasted sourdough and a quick green salad, and you've got a pretty satisfying dinner.



21. Cheesy-Stuffed Shells

Mess for Less / Via

Stuffed shells were one of my roommate's favorite things to make in college. They're quick, easy, and best of all: you can never have too much cheese in your shells.

22. Roast Summer Vegetables With Feta & Couscous

Milliemirepoix / Via

This is one of those comforting meals that brings together the best of the best, and you can make it how YOU want it. Not a couscous fan? Swap for some quinoa instead. Prefer goat cheese? Just sub it out – it'll still taste amazing.



23. Herby Lemon Risotto With Halloumi

Kitchen Sanctuary / Via

Halloumi rarely gets enough credit amidst the world of Parmesans, mozzarellas, and cheddar. It really should, though, and this recipe will show you why.

24. Roasted Veggie and White Bean Salad

Chris Salicrup / Via

Fennel's in season this month and really, that's only one of many reasons to make this super easy weeknight salad that's packed with protein.



25. Rigatoni With Easy Kale Sauce

Kitchen Konfidence / Via

Kale sauce? You probably haven't heard of something so, well, strange. But what better way to eat your greens than in a parmesan-laden sauce atop a bed of pasta?

26. Caprese Flatbread Pizzas

Lil' Luna / Via

Wraps are multi-purpose. In this recipe, they're used in place of dough for quick and easy pizzas that you can top with practically anything you like.



27. Sweet Potato Biscuits & Gravy

Flo & Grace / Via

Biscuits 'n gravy are the perfect comfort food that vegetarians often miss out on. With this satisfying sweet potato version, you don't have to.

28. Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup

Contentedness Cooking / Via

Prep on a sheet pan and blend together for a quick soup. The recipe suggests using a food processor, but a blender or your trusty Magic Bullet work just as well!



29. Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Quinoa Bowl

Crunchy Creamy Sweet / Via

These bowls bring together everything that's great about the summertime — and they're ready in a half hour, tops.

30. Cauliflower Steaks With Spicy Romesco Sauce

Girl in the Little Red Kitchen / Via

Cauliflower...steak? Yup, you heard right. Whole30 friendly but more importantly, just really, really good.

31. One-Pot Enchilada Rice

Merle O'Neal / / Via

Enchilada rice might sound like fusion or just a dish you've never heard of but hey, for a one-pot creation, it's definitely worth a try.



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