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People Are Sharing Their Favorite "Weird" Dessert From Their State Or Country, And There Are So Many I Want To Try

These are actually fascinating.

Sometimes a cool dessert is truly the only way to get excited about cooking again. Thankfully, @chick_in_kiev asked on Twitter, "What's your fave/the most remarkable weird dessert from your state or city or country?"

Here are some of the responses they received — both from the US and around the globe — along with links to recipes if you'd like to try any for yourself! 🍰




1. Michigan: Pączki

"Michigan loves having pączki for Mardi Gras — they're giant filled donuts of Polish origin that I miss having access to every year." —@HayesBrown

Recipe: Pączki



2. North Carolina: Atlantic Beach Pie

"I’m a fan of Atlantic Beach pie, which I guess is from North Carolina, but I had it in Chicago. Lemon custard filling with saltine-and-butter crust." —@notowen

Recipe: Atlantic Beach pie

3. Canada: Nanaimo Bars

Brian Kennedy / Getty Images

"Canada has butter tarts and Nanaimo bars, both very good." —@lelielle

Recipe: Nanaimo bars



4. St. Louis: Gooey Butter Cake

"Gooey butter cake, one of the treasures of St Louis." —@sutterdan

Recipe: Gooey butter cake

5. New Mexico: Green Chile Caliche

@dlindseyus / Via

"The green chile caliche, essentially frozen custard with New Mexico's single most enduring topping, is probably the weirdest. It's incredible, though, and has the right amount of heat and sweet flavor." —@AthertonKD

Read more: Green chile caliche



6. Arkansas: Chocolate Gravy Over Biscuits

Lexington Herald Leader / Tribune News Service via Getty Images

"Chocolate gravy served over hot, fresh-buttered biscuits for this child of the Arkansas Ozark foothills. Perfect for weekends or the morning after spending the night at the aunt's or grandparents' place." —@W1gmund

Recipe: Arkansas chocolate gravy

7. Oklahoma: Cherokee Grape Dumplings

The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

"If you go to a wild onion dinner here in eastern Oklahoma, you'll probably get some grape dumplings for dessert. Dumplings boiled in grape juice." —@Agasgani

Recipe: Cherokee grape dumplings



8. Ohio: Buckeyes

Cavan Images / Getty Images

"In Ohio, people make 'buckeyes,' a homemade chocolate-covered peanut butter candy. They look just like the nuts of the buckeye tree, and they are delicious." —@Antirealist

Recipe: Buckeyes

9. Pennsylvania: Moravian Sugar Cake

"Moravian sugar cake! It’s craggy, it’s buttery, and it’s topped with cinnamon sugar." —@TheTinaVasquez

Recipe: Moravian sugar cake



10. Maine: Whoopie Pies

Veselina Zheleva / Getty Images

"Whoopie pies are very much a Maine thing." —@stacy_ksullivan

Recipe: Whoopie pies

11. Canada (and Iceland): Vinaterta

"I’m going to go with vinarterta, which was brought to Manitoba by Icelandic immigrants in the late 1800s but is now more popular in Manitoba than in Iceland. Popular at Christmas. Prune filling is traditional, but you can get it with raspberry or other fruits." —@coueslana

Recipe: Vinaterta




12. Romania: Piersici (Peach-Shaped Cookies)

"Romanian American here, bringing you piersici (peach cookies with jam). My grandma and uncle always used peach jam as the filling, and these are the TO DIE FOR cookie of the summer." —@menacedelavande

Recipe: Piersici



13. Ukraine: Napoleon Cake

Juliya Perepelitsyna / Getty Images

"I'm from Ukraine. I grew up eating Napoleons, but only on holidays. It's not a super-weird dessert, by any means, but it's also not something you usually see at a holiday party in the US." —@LilWayneChrebet

Recipe: Napoleon cake

14. South Africa: Koeksisters

"Koeksisters. 'A traditional South African sticky donut treat.' I cannot claim South Africa to be 'mine,' and the only way this dessert is weird is that, without question, the koeksister is an unexpected, unparalleled magic in the mouth." —@phosphologist

Recipe: Koeksisters



15. Scotland: Macaroon Bars

"Not so much a dessert as just a sweet, but I'll say macaroon bars. It’s mashed potato mixed with all the icing sugar." —@TheCulljoy

Recipe: Macaroon bars

16. Spain: Txantxigorri

@dolores_redondo / Via

"So from Spain, the weirdest is definitely txantxigorris: Basque cookies made out of ground fried pork rinds with sugar and cinnamon." —@damadetexas

Recipe: Txantxigorri



17. Philippines: Corn-and-Cheese Ice Cream

@sublimebulldogs / Via

"Definitely a remarkable weird dessert from the Philippines: corn-and-cheese ice cream." —@lovethatformae

Recipe: Corn-and-cheese ice cream

18. Russia: Tort Smetannik

"I grew up on Russian tort smetannik, or sour cream cake. So moist and not too sweet. Who says you can't add sour cream to every single part of the meal?" —@mbelinsky

Recipe: Tort smetannik



19. Paraguay: Bollos

@dulcesentimiento / Via

"Bollos filled with dulce de leche." —@WaltMontiel

Recipe: Bollos

20. El Salvador: Salvadoran Quesadilla

Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images



21. Brazil: Brigadeiros

"Oh, Brazil has lots, including brigadeiro, sonho, pudim de leite, and sweet pizza." —@TR2_Ghosts

Recipe: Brigadeiros

22. Australia: Fairy Bread

Elms, Greg / Getty Images

"Australia has fairy bread, a staple of children’s parties. It’s sliced white bread, buttered and smothered with hundreds and thousands of sprinkles and cut into triangles. I admit being shocked when I first saw it, but it’s unthinkable to not serve it for a kids party." —@UnaMcIlvenna

Recipe: Fairy bread



23. Germany: Poppy Seed Cake

"Hails from the far eastern parts of Germany. Just don't get drug tested the next day." —@ThatTrav

Recipe: Poppy seed cake

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What's your favorite dessert hailing from your city, region, or country? Share in the comments!



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