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27 Clever Ways To Use Everyday Stuff In The Kitchen

All the boring old junk you've got lying around the house secretly yearns to be where the food is.

1. Turn empty baby food jars into magnetic spice containers.

Lauren Davison / / Via

You can cover the labels with cute paper and put label stickers on the bottoms. Get the instructions here.

2. Use a magazine rack to organize pesky pot and pan lids.

Aimee Wimbush-Bourque / / Via

3. Curtain rods also make handy lid holders.

4. Same goes for adhesive plastic Command hooks.

Here's how (it's easy). Basically, you have zero excuses to let your stupid pan lids tyrannize your cupboard.

5. Keep painter's tape and a Sharpie around so you can label everything.

Never again will you spend five minutes suspiciously sniffing something because you can't remember if you put it in the fridge three days ago or three weeks ago.

6. Use empty Tic Tac boxes to store small amounts of spices.

Erica McCartney /

Never be caught without your emergency red pepper flakes again.

7. Take the handle off an old rake and turn it into a wineglass rack.

Dana Pugh / / Via

PINTEREST'D. Here's how.

8. This kind of magazine rack works great for storing plastic wrap, etc.

9. Turn an old button-down shirt into a cute apron.

10. Flower pots make great utensil holders.

11. Clean out an old tool box to use as a caddy for silverware or dishes.

12. Use a file organizer to store pans, dishes, and cutting boards.

Handy for heavy or awkwardly shaped stuff that doesn't stack well.

13. Build simple, colorful containers out of Legos. / Via

You'll be a little happier every time you reach for a spoon.

14. Use dental floss to cut soft foods like cheese.

Maybe not the minty kind, though.

15. Refill empty baking powder containers with other ingredients so you can easily level spoonfuls.

Try it with baking soda, sugar, or salt — just make sure you label the outside so you know what's in it. Why should baking powder have all the fun?

16. You can also add a strip of masking tape to any jar to make measuring easy.

John Lawton /

Put a shorter piece of tape (adhesive side in) under the long piece so just the ends that attach to the jar are sticky.

17. Use empty tissue boxes to corral plastic bags.

If you don't watch out, those things will start procreating and foment a hostile takeover of your under-the-sink cabinet.

18. CD holders can be reborn as bagel caddies.

Not that most of us are going through vast numbers of CD's these days.

19. Use shoe boxes to organize foods in your freezer.

These work great as a kind of card catalog for stuff frozen in ziplock bags.

20. Use a pants hanger to hold up a magazine recipe while you cook.

21. Save the clips from cheap hangers to close chip bags.

22. Give tinfoil boxes a makeover and use them for cookie gifting or storage.

You can paint the outsides or cover them with pretty adhesive paper.

23. Turn a pill case into a handy travel spice kit.

Great for when you're renting a place with a kitchen but don't want to have to go out and spend tons of money grocery shopping for stuff you'll only use a little of.

24. Or you can just carry a contact lens case with you to make sure you're never salt- or pepper-less.

One-way ticket to FLAVOR TOWN.

25. Hang up a shoe organizer to store little snacks and food packages.

26. Mouse pads can live a second life as jar openers.


27. A hair dryer is a super badass way to melt chocolate and marshmallows straight onto your graham.

Sure, it looks like a total mess, but it's RAD. More hair dryer cooking ideas here.