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21 Sheet Pan Meals That'll Satisfy Every Craving (And Leave You With Super Easy Cleanup)

There's nothing better than just putting a tray in the oven and coming back to a great meal.

Sheet pans are truly the unsung heroes of the kitchen.

You can make an entire meal using just one — with no sweat — which is not something a lot of kitchen tools can say (I'm looking at you, muffin tin). 

These recipes truly show that you can make just about anything in a sheet pan — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are all here, and they're all delicious. And in most cases, the cleanup is a breeze! What could be better?

1. Easy Sheet Pan Southwestern Dinner

Roasted spiced veggies + a delicious roasted red pepper and avocado sauce = a delicious dinner that no one would ever believe is vegan.

Recipe: Easy Sheet Pan Southwestern Dinner | Shop This Recipe



2. Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil

All the flavor of the original, but you don't have to own a truly ginormous pot to make it happen, just your oven! And if you're truly committed to only using one dish, you could probably skip the parboiling step and just throw everything on the sheet pan in stages, so the potatoes will still be tender, but your shrimp won't be overcooked and rubbery.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil | Shop This Recipe

3. Sheet Pan Calzone

All you need is pre-made dough and your favorite toppings, and you're good to go with this recipe! It's super easy to customize to different tastes, and you can go from start to finish in less than an hour. Ben Wyatt would be proud. 

Recipe: Sheet Pan Calzone | Shop This Recipe



4. Sheet-Pan Crispy Chicken Strips and Veggies

Chicken strips are one of those things that can feel intimidating, like they should only come from a restaurant or your freezer. But baking them is super easy, and they come out just as crispy and delicious! Plus, the roasted veggies cook at the same time, so dinner is all ready at once, which is such a win.

Recipe: Sheet-Pan Crispy Chicken Strips and Veggies | Shop This Recipe

5. Sheet Pan Steak and Fries

Grill purists might come for me, but I'm honestly a huge fan of cooking steaks in the oven. These steaks get broiled with the mostly cooked fries, so they still get all that lovely crisp and char, but without the fuss and splatter of a skillet or the grill. If you like your steaks more well done, though, keep a close eye on the fries— you don't want them to get burnt while your steak is still cooking.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Steak and Fries | Shop This Recipe



6. Strawberry Shortcake Sheet Pan Pancakes

This genius way of making pancakes transforms them from a weekend special treat into something you can have every morning. You can make the whole sheet pan, and then they'll keep in the freezer for up to a month, so you can have pancakey goodness whenever your heart desires.

Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake Sheet Pan Pancakes | Shop This Recipe

7. Sheet-Pan Jambalaya

Jambalaya just feels like a summer food, but one of the last things I want to do in the summer is stand over a pot on the stove while things simmer. Moving the whole cooking process to the oven means you can basically leave it be while it cooks, so there's more time to go stand in front of a fan and cool off. 

Recipe: Sheet-Pan Jambalaya | Shop This Recipe



8. Sheet Pan Tofu 3 Ways

You don't have to make all three ways if you're just making one meal, but if you do make them all, you'll be set with crispy, delicious, ultra-flavorful tofu that you can use in basically a whole week's worth of recipes.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Tofu 3 Ways | Shop This Recipe

9. Sheet Pan Breakfast Sandwich

Everything cooks in the sheet pan, and then you just have to stack the (perfectly sized!) ingredients together for breakfast sandwich heaven. Commenters recommend adding maple syrup to the pancake for a McGriddle dupe, which honestly sounds amazing.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Breakfast Sandwich | Shop This Recipe



10. Sweet and Sour Baby Back Ribs Sheet Pan

Like all good ribs, these cook looooow and sloooooow, but after some minimal prep there's very little babysitting. All you have to do is sit back and let your house smell delicious until dinnertime.

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Baby Back Ribs Sheet Pan | Shop This Recipe

11. Sheet-Pan Bruschetta

If bruschetta and pizza had a baby, it would be this recipe. Pizza crust takes the place of toasts, but those gorgeous garlicky, tomatoey, basily flavors still shine through.

Recipe: Sheet-Pan Bruschetta | Shop This Recipe



12. Sheet-Pan Shakshuka Toast

Shakshuka is having a moment recently, which is well deserved, but it can be tricky to figure out how to serve — do you bring the whole skillet to the table? Try to put it in another dish without breaking the eggs? This recipe solves that problem, and places everything on toast for easy eatability.

Recipe: Sheet-Pan Shakshuka Toast | Shop This Recipe

13. Salmon and Veggie Sheet-Pan Dinner

If you'd told me as a kid that I would crave salmon and Brussels sprouts for dinner, I totally wouldn't have believed you. But roasting them brings out such gorgeous flavor that you'll want to make this one over and over again.

Recipe: Salmon and Veggie Sheet-Pan Dinner | Shop This Recipe



14. Leftover Ham Sheet Pan Cubanos

This recipe was made to use up holiday leftovers, but honestly you could make it on any old weekday, and you'd have a hit on your hands. Thick-cut deli-sliced ham and leftover chicken breast would be just as delicious as holiday ham and turkey.

Recipe: Leftover Ham Sheet Pan Cubanos | Shop This Recipe

15. Holiday Sheet Pan Cheesecake Bars

As you might have guessed from the recipe name, this recipe is a genius way of making four different kinds of cheesecake in one pan, which is perfect for the holidays (so many fewer dishes to wash!). But you could also just pick your favorite flavor on a non-special occasion and be rewarded with an entire sheet pan of cheesecake. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Recipe: Holiday Sheet Pan Cheesecake Bars | Shop This Recipe



16. Sheet Pan Gnocchi

Yes, pasta is possible on a sheet pan! The pre-made gnocchi cook right along with the sauce, so it's basically foolproof. And if you're near a Trader Joe's, I bet their cauliflower gnocchi would be amazing in this.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Gnocchi | Shop This Recipe

17. Sheet Pan Stuffed Pastry Pockets

Make all four flavors or just do one — the world is your oyster. Your delicious, flaky, sweet oyster.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Stuffed Pastry Pockets | Shop This Recipe



18. Sheet Pan Crunch-Wrap

Listen, all I want in life is to eat that slice in the middle where all four of these crunch-wrap fillings combine. I'm not sure my puny human mind can even comprehend what kind of flavor nirvana that would lead to.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Crunch-Wrap | Shop This Recipe

19. Sheet-Pan Pork Chops, Apple, & Cabbage Dinner

It's 2021, y'all, and I am somehow still waiting for everyone to join me on the Roasted Cabbage Train. I get it, cabbage isn't the sexy "It Vegetable," but it should be. When it gets all tender and melty and roasted down? There's nothing better.

Recipe: Sheet-Pan Pork Chops, Apple, & Cabbage Dinner | Shop This Recipe



20. Rainbow Sheet-Pan Pizza

I think we can all agree that all pizzas are beautiful. But this rainbow-hued one is truly something spectacular. Pride Month may be over, but it can be Pride Month any time in your stomach.

Recipe: Rainbow Sheet-Pan Pizza | Shop This Recipe

21. Sheet Pan BBQ Chicken Cornbread Sandwich

Cornbread is truly an underrated carb, but here it gets to shine as the perfect accompaniment to BBQ chicken and creamy coleslaw. This one does get messy, though, so be sure to grab some extra napkins.

Recipe: Sheet Pan BBQ Chicken Cornbread Sandwich | Shop This Recipe

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