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27 Kitchen Products You Need To Just Grow Up And Buy

We're adults now, and adults have more in their kitchen than one pan, two forks, a broken blender, and a bunch of takeout chopsticks.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. An Instant Pot because the true mark of being a Real Adult is getting super obsessed with the Instant Pot. It can cook a chicken breast in six minutes!! If that excites you, you're a grown up now, I'm sorry.

2. A set of glass mixing bowls that'll make food prep a breeze. And since they all have lids, you can just toss them in the fridge for storage! That's one less dish to wash, and an easy way to save your leftovers for lunch the next day. Your mom would be proud.

3. A pack of Jetz Scrubs scrubber, because it's time to replace that old grimy sponge with one that'll last forever and actually be easy to disinfect.

4. Airtight storage containers so your food won't go stale, get hard, or be menaced by pests, ever. Plus, they stack well and will take up a lot less space than all of those weirdly-shaped original boxes and bags.

5. A food processor that'll do about a million jobs in the kitchen. You and your pie dough, salad dressing, shredded veggies, hummus, and more won't know how you lived without it. Leave buying pre-made almond butter to past you.

6. A high-powered Ninja blender so you can finally upgrade from that crappy one you've had since college that can barely make a dent in an ice cube. Plus, it'll pay for itself in, like, ten smoothies — that's a delicious and smart decision.

7. A pepper mill with an ergonomic handle so you can make one of the easiest and most impressive flavor upgrades there is — the difference between fresh pepper and the stuff in a shaker is unreal.

8. A cutlery cleaner that'll keep your knives clean with just a swipe, and it'll prolong their lifespans by letting you avoid putting them in the dishwasher. Taking a little extra time now to save yourself some money and hassle in the long run is a Very Grown Move.

9. An electric kettle so that we, as Americans, can stop horrifying Brits by the way we heat up water. Plus, you'll be surprised at how often you use this puppy — it's awesome for baking, making soup, and making a great cup of coffee.

10. An enameled dutch oven that's the perfect thing for cooking soups, stews, braises, fresh bread, and more. Is there anything more adult than pulling a homemade loaf of bread out of the oven? No. No there is not.

11. A pair of tongs, because they're the ultimate multitasker — there's basically nothing in the kitchen these babies can't help with! Alton Brown would be proud.

12. A spider strainer that'll come in handy whether you're boiling pasta, steaming veggies, or frying just about anything.

13. A nonstick pan perfect for all your gentle cooking needs. Never again experience the heartbreak of breaking the yolk while you try to remove a perfect sunny side up egg from the pan.

14. A pair of kitchen shears that are the perfect entryway into Real Chef Stuff like deboning or spatchcocking. (Or just, like, cutting chives and slicing a pizza. Baby steps.)

15. A digital scale that'll ensure you're measuring way more accurately. If you're ready to get into some real baking, this device will definitely come in handy.

16. A copy of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat because, yeah, you binged the Netflix series, but the book will inspire you to actually recreate some of the deliciousness in your own kitchen.

17. A kitchen timer, because it'll prevent you from forgetting you put something in the oven and freaking out an hour later when you smell burning (we've all been there, no judgment).

18. A set of silicone baking mats that'll totally up your cookie game and keep anything from getting stuck on your sheet trays. Your coworkers will probably appreciate pretty, whole cookies a lot more than the scraped-off crumbs you've been bringing in.

19. A microplane to easily zest citrus, grate hard cheeses, and mince garlic way more quickly than using a knife. Improving your kitchen game is sometimes about working smarter, not harder.

20. A pizza stone that'll totally upgrade your pizza nights. You can use it for homemade pies on the grill or in the oven, and it'll even make frozen or reheated 'za taste amazing.

21. An AeroPress for an *extremely Special Agent Dale Cooper voice* damn fine cup of coffee, every single time. The whole process takes less than two minutes, and promises a rich, bitterness-free brew. Leave the crappy percolator coffee behind and don't look back.

22. A set of cooling racks because really the one reason to get better at cooking is to get better at making chocolate chip cookies. This rack will let air circulate around three whole layers of cookies, which will let them cool faster and let you eat cookies faster.

23. An electric knife sharpener that'll make your prep way easier and keep your fingers way safer — you're more likely to cut yourself on a dull knife than a properly sharpened one!

24. A spoonula (that's a spoon plus a spatula, natch) so you don't have to keep switching between utensils while you cook, because this guy will do it all.

25. A set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons, because it turns out that it actually does matter exactly how much baking soda you put in a batch of cookies.

26. A well loved chef's knife with the quality and consistency of a much higher-priced option.

27. A double-duty colander and steamer that's also collapsible, so you'll be able to use it for anything and store it just about anywhere. Goals, honestly.

Be like the Swedish Chef and have some fun in the kitchen!