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After Meticulously Studying The Menus Of 19 International Cafés, I Couldn't Believe Which Countries Were Cheapest

The cheapest country makes one Dunkin' coffee look like my monthly rent.

The cost of living is on the rise, and you can't tell people you're skint without someone smugly chiming in with "Well, you shouldn't buy all those expensive coffees then!"

So, with that in mind, I thought it'd be interesting to take a little (virtual) world tour to see which country's go-to coffee shop offerings are the most affordable. All I have to do now is save enough money to move countries...

For the purpose of keeping it fair, I've compared a regular latte with whole milk, the cheapest sandwich on the menu, and a sweet treat from each chain (if they fit within the $10 budget).

Let's start with the most expensive.

1. Australia ❌

2. United Arab Emirates ❌

3. USA ❌

4. France ❌

5. Norway ❌

6. United Kingdom ❌

Okay, so now we've seen the countries to avoid if we're on a budget. Let's keep exploring, and get more and more for our money as we go...

7. Israel ✅

8. Japan ✅

9. Brazil ✅

10. South Korea ✅

11. Canada ✅

We have a draw with South Korea and Canada, both coming in at exactly $9.96 for a latte, sandwich, cake, and one additional item.

12. The Philippines ✅

13. South Africa ✅

14. Greece ✅

15. Thailand ✅

16. Nigeria ✅

17. Malaysia ✅

18. Vietnam ✅

19. India ✅

So, to conclude, Australia is the most expensive, getting us pretty much just a latte from the brief, whilst India smashes the brief to pieces with a proper feast!

Did any of these countries surprise you with their prices? Have you had any moments where you've been gobsmacked by prices abroad? I'm from the UK, and when I went to Norway, I unwittingly paid £38 (around $47) in McDonald's for what would cost about £18 back home! 😱

Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!