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19 Chocolate Recipes I Want To Make ASAP And You Might, Too

All the chocolate.

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Hello my fellow food-lovers and makers! Some exciting news for ya: you can now shop your favorite Tasty recipes right on the Tasty iOS App. So next time you're viewing a delicious new recipe to whip up for your family, your friends, or just yourself, you'll find a handy link that lets you add that recipe's ingredients to your cart for Walmart Grocery Pickup, because we're all about making your life simpler and more delicious. Happy cooking/baking!

1. A magic chocolate ball that breaks open when gooey, melty chocolate is poured over it, if that alone doesn't sound like magic to you then I don't know what does.

2. A chocolate-dipped cannoli cupcake. Can you say that three times fast? I'm willing to bet you've had, and hopefully love a good cannoli. I'm also willing to bet you've had, and hopefully love a good cupcake. Fusing the two together just feels so...right.

3. A chocolate coconut popsicle recipe to help you keep cool this summer and mix things up from a plain ole' chocolate ice pop.

4. A chocolate avocado brownie that packs in more wholesome ingredients like whole wheat flour and — of course — avocado, and but doesn't sacrifice deliciousness.

5. A three-ingredient dark chocolate truffle. Well, I mean technically two ingredients. The third ingredient being if you decide to add a topping. It's highly encouraged, but not required.

6. A chocolate-dipped ice cream taco for bringing the ice cream truck favorite to life in the comfort of your own home, year-round.

7. A chocolate-stuffed churro donut for a treat truly worth a spot on your Instagram grid. It's not a churro, it's not just a donut, it's a CHURRO DONUT. That is awesome as is, but then you go and add melty chocolate into the mix. BRB, drooling.

8. A chocolate galaxy bark recipe perfect for your next social gathering. This treat tastes as good as it looks, only requires a couple simple ingredients, and won't take all day to make!

9. An edible chocolate chip "cookie dough," that uses natural ingredients like cashews, coconut oil, and almond flour, yet somehow still tastes very much like legit cookie dough.

10. A chocolate banana cream sandwich that combines the perfect flavors of chocolate and banana in a graham cracker sandwich that you'll be contemplating eating for lunch. I mean, go for it.

11. A stuffed chocolate chip cookie that can be filled with a stuffing of your choice and decked out with toppings of your choice. Not sure about you, my mouth is watering at this photo.

12. A chocolate brownie dip with a chickpea base that'll compliment a variety of delicious dippable foods — berries, graham crackers, your whole hand, you name it.

13. A four-ingredient chocolate liquid nitrogen ice cream that'll bring back the sweet nostalgia of walking around an amusement park eating Dippin' Dots, or if you're anything like me, you still do the same thing now as an adult.

14. A chocolate cherry skillet cobbler, because it's been scientifically proven that any dessert that comes from a skillet tastes a million times better. I don't make the rules, don't argue with science.

15. A pumpkin spice chocolate cheesecake that's honestly a perfect treat to enjoy no matter what season it is.

16. A mint chocolate cookie dome — all of my fellow mint lovers, let's rejoice in the fact that our taste buds are superior, and anyone who's a mint h8er out there, just keep scrolling.

17. A chocolate peanut butter popcorn pie proving that every pie would truly be better off with a popcorn crust.

18. A chocolate-covered cheesecake bite recipe that yields 30 bites, and let's be honest, you'll have every intention of sharing, but all 30 bites will end up in your digestive tract.

19. A slow cooker chocolate fondue that only requires you throwing four ingredients into the slow cooker, and then you just...let it do the work for you. Voila!

You to the person handing you your box of groceries so you can make all of the scrumptious chocolate creations — don't forget, you can only do this if you download the Tasty iOS App!

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