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24 Mind-Blowing Ways To Eat Chicken And Waffles

You're the chicken to my waffles. Maple syrup me?

Meet classic chicken & waffles.

1. Now turn it into a grilled cheese sandwich.

This C&W is held together by cheese AKA magic. Recipe here.

2. Make it a BLT (with the bacon INSIDE the waffles).

Jonathan Melendez /

Recipe here.

3. Make it bite-size.

Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park / Tiny Food Party

You have the best parties in your friend group, don't you? Recipe here.

4. Make KABOBS!

All your C&W prayers have been answered. Recipe here.

5. Spice it up with chicken chorizo and guacamole.

So colorful! Recipe here.

6. Give it a KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) twist.

Make these C&W skewers with delicious Korean hot sauce and mini waffles. Recipe here.

7. Make it cheesy and gluten free.

Both the fried chicken and cheesy polenta waffles here are made with C4C flour. GF FTW. Recipe here.

8. When you think buffalo chicken can't get any better, eat it with a WAFFLE CONE.

Recipe here.

9. Put Italian chicken between two slices of bread and make it a panini with a waffle iron.

Don't even bother getting a panini maker, ever. A waffle iron, on the other hand is a MUST. Recipe here.

10. Add bacon, beer, and bourbon to make a next-level sandwich.

11. Wrap your wings in waffle.

Dip fried chicken wings in waffle batter (mixed with maple bacon), then cook each side in a waffle maker. Full directions here.

12. Serve up sliders for breakfast.

Top these sliders with fried eggs and slather on maple honey mustard. Recipe here.

13. For easy, full-coverage maple-dijon dipping, make C&W lollipops.

14. Make it an ice cream sundae.

No one will doubt your devotion to C&W with this on your plate. Recipe here.

15. Caramelize the chicken and sourdough-ify the waffle.

Recipe here. (Translate to English)

16. Create a tangy Thai sandwich.

Thai chicken + ginger-lime-coconut waffles + crunchy rice vinegar slaw = best version of your favorite Thai take-out. Recipe here.

17. Get a little tropical with coconut chicken and banana waffles.

18. Make chicken nuggets breaded in waffle.

Compact. Recipe here.

19. Turn it into "Sushi."

Jamie Fo /

Wrap strips of waffle around bite-size chicken. Why? Because you want to. Full directions here.

20. Make it a tall cupcake that dares to dream.

Extra sweet and savory. Recipe here.

21. Make it a healthy school lunch sandwich.

Photo: Johnny Autry; Styling: Mary Clayton Carl / / Via Cooking Light

No frying necessary. Recipe here.

22. Make it vegetarian with a crispy scotch egg.

These waffles are topped with eggs that are both crispy AND runny. Recipe here.

23. Bring in the biscuits!

24. Make it a nacho supreme.

Drizzled with sriracha and maple mustard syrup. Recipe here.

BONUS: Eat buffalo chicken with waffle fries.