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13 Popcorn Toppings That Sound Weird But Are Apparently Delicious, According To Twitter

Don't knock it till you pop it!

I used to be a traditionalist when it came to popcorn. A salt and butter kinda guy. Lately, though, I've been branching out and trying more white cheddar or caramel corn varieties, and I took to Twitter to see what else is out there...

...and there is a LOT. I can't say I stand by all of them. But check out the list below and you might end up finding a new favorite movie snack?

1. Tapatío Hot Sauce

fyi best way to eat popcorn: nutritional yeast and tapatio 🔥😇

— machine cum smelly (@mattyjerms) July 10, 2021
@mattyjerms on Twitter

2. Bacon Fat

Save your bacon fat.
Pop fresh popcorn.
Sprinkle kosher salt.
Drizzle bacon fat over popcorn.
Thank me later.

— Low Vibrational Eating #BreadBae (@EatWithNia) February 5, 2019
@EatWithNia on Twitter

3. Salt & Vinegar

Sitting here eating salt & vinegar popcorn. I never knew I needed it

— Summer Jasmine (@jasmine_elyse) May 11, 2023
@jasmine_elyse on Twitter

4. Dill Pickle Flavoring

I am pleased by this recent uptick in dill pickle flavored popcorn.

— Paul Lê 🦛 (@AFinalBoy) May 15, 2023
@AFinalBoy on Twitter

5. Actual Dill Pickles

It's a PICKLE PARTY and you're invited! And we've got dill-icious snacks. Experience the flavor explosion of Pickle Popcorn at the Popcorn Portable, and the Pickle Nachos topped with chips, pickle pico de Gallo, and creamy dill sour cream at Grazing Goat.

— Hartford Yard Goats (@GoYardGoats) May 13, 2023
@GoYardGoats on Twitter

6. Ketchup

ketchup on popcorn

— rikku (@eerierikku) May 15, 2023
@eerierikku on Twitter

7. Chocolate Syrup

You literally can't go wrong with putting chocolate syrup on popcorn, just saying. 🤷🏽‍♀️

— Emilie Leidig (@EmilieLeidig) September 9, 2017
@EmilieLeidig on Twitter

8. Crab Meat

Some buttered popcorn with crab meat on it sounds delicious right now

— Haydeń 🐪 (@nihilist_camel) August 1, 2016
@nihilist_camel on Twitter

9. Ramen Seasoning

so hear me out... popcorn with ramen seasoning 👀

— ‧ +˚ 小花 ♡ .˚⊹ ₊ (@xhualily) July 7, 2022
@xhualily on Twitter

10. Cream Cheese

Guys. The ultimate popcorn salting is 80% Cream Cheese and chives, 12% butter and 8% salt and vinegar. Thank me later

— Muhammed Hoosan (@MH1248) April 3, 2019
@MH1248 on Twitter

11. Ranch Dressing

Since don’t nb pay me no attention, i like to eat my popcorn with ranch dressing 🫣

— brat (@rottenpinkkk) May 18, 2022
@rottenpinkkk on Twitter

12. Cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper

popcorn with cinnamon and cayenne pepper 🔥

— benjaminDottins (@jason_dottin) July 18, 2022
@jason_dottin on Twitter

13. Sriracha...and Peanut Butter

Here are some things I have eaten that are great:

- popcorn with sriracha and peanut butter
- Ritz crackers with scallion cream cheese and sriracha
- avocado toast with cumin roasted carrots and scallions

— Lux “Ask Me About Self-Managed Abortion” Alptraum (@LuxAlptraum) November 16, 2019
@LuxAlptraum on Twitter

Need more movie snack ideas? Check out Tasty's new podcast, Bite Club! In Episode 3, Tasty's Jasmine Pak and Katie Aubin tackle "Top 5 Movie Snacks (That Aren't Popcorn)" and the debate is making me hungry...

Listen to the full episode below, and subscribe to Bite Club wherever you get your podcasts!