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Vodka, Celery & Mint Cocktail

by Evelyn Liu, Chloe Olivia Morgan and Jordan Ballantine featured in Can We Change Your Mind On Celery?


for 1 serving

  • 1 stick celery, diced
  • 3 leaves fresh mint
  • ice cube
  • 1 ½ tablespoons
    vodka (25 mL)
  • ¹¹⁄₂ tablespoon
    simple syrup (25 mL)
  • ¼ lime, juiced
  • ⅔ cup
    soda water (150 mL)


  • fresh mint
  • lime, wedge
    Calories 70
    Fat 0g
    Carbs 9g
    Fiber 0g
    Sugar 9g
    Protein 0g

Estimated values based on one serving size.



  1. Add the celery and mint in a pestle and mortar. Crush until the celery juices are released and you have a mushy mixture.
  2. Add ice cubes to a glass and add the vodka, simple syrup, lime juice.
  3. Place the celery and mint mixture into a sieve. Using a spoon press over the glass to push all the fresh celery juice through the sieve.
  4. Top with soda water and finish with a sprig of mint and a wedge of lime.
  5. Enjoy!




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