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18 Genius Ways To Eat Cheese For Every Meal

Honestly, are there really ever enough ways?

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Stuff it inside your meatballs.

I'm sorry officer, I've never seen that cheese before in my life. Recipe here.

2. Conceal it among layers of griddled ham, apples and french toast.

Who could even say how much cheese is in there with all those layers? Recipe here.

3. Tuck it into a crepe and cover it with an egg.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Egg and cheese crepe recipe here.

4. Bake it into your PIE CRUST.

Sneaking cheddar cheese into your crust gives it a super delicious salty-sweet vibe, which is as American as apple pie (with cheddar cheese in the crust). Recipe here.

5. Use it as your gluten-free breadcrumb.

Long live cheese-as-breadcrumb. Recipe for Parmesan baked zucchini here.

6. Hide it in a loaf of bread.

What if every time you played "hide and seek" the thing you ended up finding was a BREAD BOWL FULL OF CHEESE. Recipe for ham and cheese bread bowl here.

7. Stuff it into peppers.

It's what jalapeños were born to do. Recipe for cream cheese stuffed peppers here.

8. Nestle it under a delicious mess of apples and oats.

The magical thing about brie is that it does that stretchy thing all on it's own, EVERY DAMN TIME. Recipe here.

9. Disguise it as "seasoning" for vegetables.

This broccoli is extra delicious for "some reason" (it's the cheese). Recipe for roasted broccoli with asiago cheese here.

10. Turn it into soup.

If there is a heaven, it is most certainly a non-stop party where they exclusively serve *cheese soup*. Beer & cheese soup recipe here.

11. Pretend it's a salad.

I mean, it *is* a salad. Recipe here.


Because at that point, it's like "what is even in here? Better eat a thousand." Recipe for fried goat cheese with honey here.

13. Conceal it in a blanket of tortilla chips.

It's mostly chips. Recipe for BBQ chicken nachos here.

14. Bury it in grits.

Because if it all blends in together, is it even there? Cheesy grits with bacon recipe here.

15. Wrap it in bacon.

What a fun surprise for something thinking they are just going to eat some bacon wrapped asparagus. Recipe here.

16. Turn it into a condiment.

And put it on eve-ry-thing. Recipe for slow cooker chili con queso here.

17. Camouflage it in your next batch of muffins.

Even better if they are ~egg muffins~. Recipe here.

18. When in doubt, stuff it into a pocket.

But like, is there ever really a doubt? Recipe for mozzarella pizza pockets here.