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16 Genius Pizza Hacks That Will Make You Ask, "Where Have You Been My Whole Life?"

These hacks are the pizza de résistance.

1. If you're making homemade pizza, buy the toppings from a salad bar to save time and money.


This tip comes from Reddit user JNight01, who explains:

"Most salad bars have spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, olives, etc. I've also seen ham, chicken and bacon bits at salad bars... It's definitely more expensive to buy each individual item (a bag of spinach, a jar of olives, a whole pepper, etc.), not to mention you have to cut them up yourself."

2. Ordering one larger pizza — instead of two smaller ones — will generally get you more pizza and cost less overall.

Here's a useful counterintuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more 'pizza' than two 12 inch pizzas

3. If you need plates, you can rip off the top of the pizza box and turn it into four pizza-sized ones.

Step 1: Tear off the top

Step 2: Fold it into fourths and separate them

Step 3: EAT PIZZA!

4. Reheat cold pizza on the stove for crisp crust and melty cheese.

Legendary Lesson #5: reheating pizza in a pan, covered on low heat = crisp crust and melty cheese. #PizzaHack

5. If you're reheating pizza in the microwave, put a glass of water in with it to stop the crust from getting chewy.

6. While we're discussing leftovers, you can use a waffle iron to transform two slices into something ridiculously tasty.

http://BuzzFeed/vin.reddy / Via

Step 1: Put the slices together so the cheese-sides are facing each other

Step 2: Place them in the waffle iron and grill until melted

Step 3: Taste and go to pizza heaven!

7. You can also use two leftover slices to make this insanely tasty grilled cheese-style pizza.

yochef1 / Via

Here’s how: Put the two slices together (with the cheese on the inside), then butter the outsides as you would a grilled cheese. Put it in the frying pan, heat it on both sides until the cheese is melty, and enjoy!

8. Want to get really crazy with leftover pizza? Make pizza croutons!

hazelglare / Via

It's surprisingly easy to do: just cut the leftover pizza into crouton-size pieces, toss them with some olive oil, then put them in the oven to bake at 375℉ for eight minutes.

9. Frozen pizza hack: Rearrange the pepperoni (or other ingredients) before cooking to make it easier to cut clean slices.

Via Reddit user Pts_Out_Ppl_Who_Fuck.

10. Speaking of frozen pizza — try slicing it BEFORE putting it in the oven to cut down on the chances of the dreaded cold center!

waveovenrecipes / Via

More reason to do it: It's just as easy to cut frozen, and will save you from getting red sauce everywhere.

11. You might know this one already, but if not it's a good one — use a soda bottle to keep your takeout pizza flat on the way home.

12. You can also keep your takeout pizza warm on that drive home by wrapping it in a car window sun shade.

Via Reddit user Cerberus1349.

13. Don't have a sun shade? Try turning the seat warmer on to keep your pizza warm.

When you turn the seat warmer on to keep your takeaway pizza warm 😂 #pizzahack

14. If your crew is fighting over the last piece of pizza, split it equally by cutting it into four smaller pieces.

Via Reddit user FlamingWarPig.

15. Want a low carb pizza option? Try using a giant mushroom instead of dough.

flowersjuliette / Via

Just put pizza sauce on top followed by cheese and other toppings, then bake!

16. And lastly — want to watch your phone as you inhale your delivery pizza? Use the table-like thing that keeps your pizza from getting smooshed on the way to your house!

camspizzeria / Via