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14 Unexpected Things You Can Make In Your Blender

From nut butters to homemade mayonnaise.

When you think about blenders, you probably think of making smoothies, sauces, and the occasional soup.

But blenders can do so much more! We rounded up 14 unexpected (but totally delicious) things you can make in your blender — from silky hollandaise sauce to homemade coconut butter — so you can get the most of the endlessly useful kitchen appliance.

1. Make homemade nut butters using just two ingredients.

Just throw salt and nuts into your blender and turn it on. It's cheap, easy, and allows you to control just how much salt goes into it.

Get the recipe: Easy Blender Almond Butter

2. Make homemade coconut butter by blending up shredded coconut flakes until they get nice and creamy.

If you love cooking with coconut butter, try making your own in a blender with just unsweetened coconut flakes. They transform from dry flakes into creamy butter right before your eyes.

Get the recipe: Homemade Coconut Butter

3. Make your own mayonnaise within a matter of seconds.

All you need is egg yolks, vinegar, mustard, salt, and olive oil. Throw them all into your blender, turn it on, and you have yourself homemade mayo that's ready for spreading on sandwiches.

Get the recipe: Blender Mayonnaise

4. Make your own almond milk instead of purchasing it at the grocery store every week.

All you need to do is throw almonds, maple syrup, water, and a pinch of salt into a blender, blitz it up, and strain it. You can use it in coffee, smoothies, or drink it all by itself for a refreshing treat.

Get the recipe: Homemade Almond Milk

5. Make herb-infused oils that are perfect for drizzling over salads, pastas, and bread.

If you find yourself with an abundance of basil, try making infused olive oil by blanching it, tossing it into a blender with olive oil, blitzing it up, and straining it. It tastes bright, herby, and fresh.

Get the recipe: Basil Oil

6. Make DIY almond flour that's perfect for gluten-free baking.

Almond flour can be expensive, so making it at home is a great way to save a few dollars. And it's not actually that hard to make — you just need to make sure you don't blend it up too much or you'll end up with almond butter instead of flour.

Get the recipe: DIY Almond Flour

7. Make the smoothest hummus ever.

All you need is ten minutes and a blender to make the smoothest, most delicious hummus ever.

Get the recipe: Simple Hummus

8. Make foolproof hollandaise sauce that never breaks.

If you've ever tried to make hollandaise sauce, you know just how hard it can be. If it gets too hot, or isn't made just right, it breaks and gets chunky. One way around this? Make it in the blender. It's easy, less work, and tastes just as good.

Get the recipe: Blender Hollandaise Sauce

9. Make a creamy homemade ice cream using frozen bananas, cocoa powder, and almond butter.

Ok, so it's not actually ice cream, but it's the next best thing and it tastes delicious.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

10. Quickly and easily make muffin batter.

The first step of this recipe? Placing all the ingredients in a blender. It's quick, easy, and makes the best muffins you could imagine.

Get the recipe: Banana Bread Muffins

11. Make fuss-free lemonade by combining whole chunks of unpeeled lemon pieces in a blender with water and sugar, then straining out the solids.

It's way quicker than squeezing the lemons one by one and tastes just as good.

Get the recipe: Blender Lemonade

12. Make pancake batter by quickly blitzing up all of the ingredients and pouring it right out of the blender.

This way you only have one dish to wash and can save any leftover batter directly in the blender.

Get the recipe: Cinnamon Oatmeal Blender Pancakes

13. Make homemade Nutella with just hazelnuts and chocolate chips.

Make a big batch of homemade chocolate hazelnut spread and enjoy it all week long on toast, in oatmeal, or by the spoonful. This recipe makes it in a food processor, but you could 100% make it in a blender.

Get the recipe: Two-Ingredient Homemade Nutella

14. Make your own powdered sugar using cornstarch and granulated sugar.

Keep this recipe in your back pocket for the next time you're making cookies and realize you're out of powdered sugar at the last minute.

Get the recipe: Homemade Powdered Sugar