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People Are Sharing Their Family Holiday Dishes, And We're Going To Need To Try All Of Them

Walmart has everything you need to re-create your favorite family recipes this holiday season and beyond.

To ring in the joy of Thanksgiving, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the holiday specialties that bring warmth to their homes. Here are some of their responses:

1. The sweetest moment

"Cheesecake and sweet potatoes — my family and I have a very real set of sweet teeth. When we get together, we've got multiple options for desserts and sides. It's almost like a competition." —Louise S. 

Sweet potato mash in a mixing bowl with butter

2. The little something nutty

"Growing up, we always had 'nut rolls.' I didn't appreciate them enough as a child, but when I moved to New York as an adult, I learned they were only popular in a few regions of the US (I'm from Pittsburgh). Now I really miss them and beg my mom to make them then I go home for the holidays." —Marsha M.

3. The morning filled with dumplings

"I've always made dumplings with my extended family. My cousins and I get together on Thanksgiving morning and make dumplings until our fingers are sore. It's definitely one of those situations where the fruits of our labor taste so much sweeter." —Betty R.

Close up of hands making dumplings

4. The relish that spans generations

"Cranberry relish is huuuuuuge in my family. It's actually something my grandma and I used to work on together every year. We'd spend the night before Thanksgiving perfecting our dish, pulling from a family recipe we've had forever. Now that she's no longer here, I've roped my siblings into doing it with me. It's our little way of carrying on her legacy." —Candi G. 

5. The best applesauce partner there ever was

"It is a very top secret recipe, but my mom makes the best latkes for Hanukkah. For a day or two after, the entire house smells like oil, which is the best smell in my opinion. Applesauce is the only acceptable pairing with latkes!" —Claire H.

Row of potato latkes

6. The eggnog lover's delight

"One holiday dessert my family makes every year is an eggnog Bundt cake! It's super easy too — you take yellow box cake and follow the instructions, except you swap water for eggnog! Then once it's baked and cooled, you make an eggnog drizzle by mixing eggnog and powdered sugar, and drizzle the mix on top of the cake. I look forward to making it (and eating it) every holiday season!" —Annie

7. The bit of flavor

"Stuffed artichokes and fried asparagus. I love a twist on something classic. Dishes like these always get me compliments from friends and family. I'll usually bring some to holiday celebrations with friends and some to those with family. " —Carolyn E. 

Person chopping vegetables in a kitchen

8. The bubbly cheese

"We make a spinach and artichoke casserole every year! It's basically creamed spinach with artichokes and a variety of cheeses, and we always put a dash of paprika on the top for some some extra spice! The top gets all bubbly from the cheese like a dip, but it's a bit heartier and perfect to pair with your turkey." —Raymond T.

9. The coolest creation

"I make cranberry ice. I know — it sounds weird. But don't knock it until it's floating in your cocktails, OK?! It's as simple as it sounds, too. Just freeze some cranberry juice in a tray overnight and then add the cubes to your cocktails (or mocktails), and you've got a recipe for some pretty flavorful libations that'll never taste watered down." —Paul S. 

Glass full of juice with ice and a straw

10. The cookie contest

"Every Christmas, my family has a competition making Koleches — a Polish shortbread cookie made most often with a prune jam in the center! Everyone always thinks theirs are the best. I tried to make vegan ones last year and can confidently say mine were not ;)" —Maya H.

11. And lastly, the very veg-friendly buffet

"Tacos! My family and I don't really follow the 'traditional' route of Thanksgiving. We've got a lot of vegetarians in the fam, so we love to get a little taco buffet going with lots of meat-free fixings. Turkey is fine, but tacos are great." — John B. 

Two vegetarian tacos

Imagery via Getty

Celebrate the season deliciously with help from Walmart.