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91% would make again

Strawberry Santas

Under 30 min

Under 30 min


for 15 santas

  • 1 box strawberry, frozen will work too if fresh are not available
  • 1 tube icing, or substitute whipped cream for a fluffier santa
  • mini chocolate chip, as needed

Nutrition Info

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    Calories 55
    Fat 2g
    Carbs 9g
    Fiber 0g
    Sugar 8g
    Protein 0g

Estimated values based on one serving size.


  1. Slice the tops off the strawberries to create a flat surface for them to sit on. Slice the tip off the strawberry to make the hat.
  2. Squeeze some frosting or whipped cream on the strawberry, and replace the tip.
  3. Decorate the rest with a piping bag.
  4. Add the mini chocolate chips for eyes.
  5. Strawberry santas are mischievous, and tend to disappear quickly! Make enough for family and friends!
  6. Enjoy!