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25 Easy New Year's Eve Recipes That Everyone Will Love, From Drinks To Snacks To Desserts

Let the countdown begin.

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to celebrate with your friends, family, and loved ones — and TBH, there's no better way to ring in the new year than with an exciting array of festive drinks and snacks. 🥂

To that end, we put together a list of our favorite sips and bites to serve your guests this year, with everything from crowd-pleasing apps to refreshing drinks — and even a few mouth-watering desserts for good measure. After whipping up any of these party favorites, you'll surely be the hero of New Year's Eve.

1. Pomegranate Champagne Spritzer

Bring on the bubbly with this sweet and charming spritzer. Made with New Year's Eve-appropriate champagne, pomegranate seeds, and more, there's certainly no need to reminisce about "Champagne Problems" as you ring in the New Year.

Recipe: Pomegranate Champagne Spritzer | Shop This Recipe



2. Antipasto Crostini

These easy appetizers are protein-packed and extra compact on a toasty baguette. Plus, they only take 30 minutes to prep, which means you're free to enjoy your pre-New Year's Eve plans.

Recipe: Antipasto Crostini | Shop This Recipe

3. Boozy Chocolate Orange Fondue

Fondue is a crowd-pleaser all around, and this version includes a hint of orange liquor and double cream. In terms of what exactly you should be dipping? This recipe calls for zesty orange slices, marshmallows, and strawberries...but you can pretty much use anything your heart desires.

Recipe: Boozy Chocolate Orange Fondue | Shop This Recipe



4. Apple Rosé Sangria

Toast to the New Year with this bubbly rosé sangria. With refreshing apple cider, rye whiskey, rosé, and sparkling cider, this festive drink is sure to impress all your guests.

Recipe: Apple Rosé Sangria | Shop This Recipe

5. Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Bread Ring Dip

Bring everyone together around a warm and delicious spinach artichoke dip, and get ready for endless compliments as your guests pull apart each piece of this delicious, fluffy bread. Decked out with three different kinds of cheese, this cozy dish is a total crowd-pleaser.

Recipe: Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Bread Ring Dip | Shop This Recipe



6. Box Brownie Cookies (Brookies)

This cookie-brownie combo is sure to impress everyone when you add it to your dessert lineup. They're easy to make, take very little time, and they're just so wildly delicious. Line up the dough on a baking sheet, bake for 14 minutes, and get ready to fall in love with this recipe.

Recipe: Box Brownie Cookies (Brookies) | Shop This Recipe

7. Pizza Puff Pastry Twists

What do you get when you combine sweet pastry rolls with savory sauce and cheese? A pizza lover's dream come true! Just bake for 20–25 minutes, and enjoy.

Recipe: Pizza Puff Pastry Twists | Shop This Recipe



8. Strawberry Cheesecake Crackers

Family-friendly (and tasty too), these cream cheese-topped crackers are topped with strawberries and drizzled with honey for an extra-sweet treat.

Recipe: Strawberry Cheesecake Crackers | Shop This Recipe

9. Cool Ranch Chips

Potato chips are never a bad idea when hosting New Year's Eve guests, and these cool ranch-flavored chips are the best of the best. They're easily ready in just 30 minutes, and you'll be shocked at just how little prep time these actually call for.

Recipe: Cool Ranch Chips | Shop This Recipe



10. Spiked Hot Chocolate

This delicious and boozy drink is a great way to stay warm as you watch the snow fall. The recipe calls for peppermint Schnapps, but if you'd prefer to let your guests booze 'em up themselves, you can easily omit the liquor from the recipe itself.

Recipe: Spiked Hot Chocolate | Shop This Recipe

11. Classic Party Guacamole

Classic for a reason, this guac serves 8, and it's ready in under 30 minutes. Season as you desire, grab some tortilla chips, and go celebrate around this party-ready snack.

Recipe: Classic Party Guacamole | Shop This Recipe



12. Raspberry Mojito

Whether you serve this yummy drink in a punch bowl or individual glasses, this raspberry mojito recipe is sure to go fast. Gather some fresh mint, white rum, raspberries, and club soda, and get to mixing!

Recipe: Raspberry Mojito | Shop This Recipe

13. New Year’s Eve Champagne Cookies

This sweet snack is perhaps the most unique (and delicious) way you could ever enjoy a glass of champagne. Plus, they only take 15 minutes in the oven to reach gooey, yummy perfection.

Recipe: New Year’s Eve Champagne Cookies | Shop This Recipe



14. Chocolate Lava Cakes

New Year's Eve is all about the razzle-dazzle of it nothing says "celebration" like a molten chocolate lava cake, am I right? This delightful dessert takes 20 minutes of prep time and 25 minutes in the oven, but at the end of it you'll be rewarded with the most delicious — and impressive — individual cakes.

Recipe: Chocolate Lava Cakes | Shop This Recipe

15. Pull-Apart Garlic Rolls

I've yet to meet a single person who doesn't love a good piece of garlic bread, and these super-cute, pull-apart takes on the classic might just be the best format of garlic bread you could possibly serve your guests this year. These will go fast, so making a double batch wouldn't be the worst idea.

Recipe: Pull-Apart Garlic Rolls | Shop This Recipe



16. Rosé and Berry Gummies

It's the most perfect party drink — now in snackable, bite-size gummy form. These compact gummies include rosé and a refreshing mixture of berries for a sweet and boozy snack.

Recipe: Rosé and Berry Gummies | Shop This Recipe

17. Chicken Parm Bites

If you love chicken Parm — and really, who doesn't — why not make these compact chicken Parm bites? To make things even easier, you can even prep the bites in advance, refrigerate them, and fry 'em up quick when it's almost time to eat.

Recipe: Chicken Parm Bites | Shop This Recipe



18. No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter M&M Balls

This no-bake dessert is the perfect one to make when you want a low-effort, maximum flavor treat to serve all your party guests. The silky chocolate coating covers a mixture of peanut butter, M&M’s, and powdered yes, it's basically a peanut butter lover's dream come true.

Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter M&M Balls | Shop This Recipe

19. Caprese-Pops

Mozzarella! Cherry tomatoes! Basil and balsamic! All on a skewer? Sign me up.

Recipe: Caprese-Pops | Shop This Recipe



20. Rice Cooker Orange Upside-Down Cake

Impress everyone with this gorgeous orange upside-down cake. This easy-to-make, hands-off recipe utilizes the magic of store-bought pancake mix and turns it into a dessert that's shockingly gorgeous. How cool is that?

Recipe: Rice Cooker Orange Upside-Down Cake | Shop This Recipe

21. Gin & Tonic Jelly Shots

These fun and festive "shots" are as easy to make as they are super portable, so even if you're not hosting this year, these are an ideal recipe to take to the party.

Recipe: Gin & Tonic Jelly Shots | Shop This Recipe



22. Vegan Tiramisu

This creamy, luxurious tiramisu might be totally plant-based, but even non-vegans will appreciate this flavorful layered dessert. You can make this 100% homemade by baking the ladyfingers, as called for in the recipe — but for a time-saving hack, you should feel free to substitute any small vegan cookies you can easily grab at the grocery store.

Recipe: Vegan Tiramisu | Shop This Recipe

23. Peanut Butter S’mores Dip

This easy dessert is essentially heaven in a skillet. It only calls for peanut butter cups, marshmallows, and graham crackers, and it's ready in under 30 minutes. Trust me, your guests will think you worked a lot harder than you actually did.

Recipe: Peanut Butter S’mores Dip | Shop This Recipe



24. Raspberry White Chocolate Lava Cake Ice Cream Bars

Adding these bars to the dessert table will make things extra sweet. And c'mon, who doesn't love an ice cream bar?

Recipe: Raspberry White Chocolate Lava Cake Ice Cream Bars | Shop This Recipe

25. Mint Berry Smash Mocktail

For the folks not drinking this New Year's Eve, they can grab a glass or two (or three) of this Mint Berry Smash Mocktail and toast to the New Year ahead. Lime juice, agave nectar, and honey only sweeten the deal.

Recipe: Mint Berry Smash Mocktail | Shop This Recipe

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